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[ Read Online Les Misérables ✓ womens-fiction PDF ] by Victor Hugo ¾ 19 365 48 1862 400.
I chose to read the hefty Victor Hugo classic for my thirtieth birthday let me tell you, the experience was One Biiiig Bitch I mean, why EVEN go to the 200 year old text when the Broadway musical exists THAT work of art exudes all beauty and majesty in one continuous song that unites the characters through time ultimately giving us a true theme, or feeling of genuine victory over adversity The plot, one gorgeous telenovela of a story, replete with jailbreaks, insurrections, betrayals, war, calamities multiplied order restored is, in short, too much Muchness for one reader to possibly occupy himself with.
This is the longest novel I have ever read probably Don Quixote, which took me an entire month to read, is the closest second as such, it is difficult a staggering activity indeed to maintain order in its review, much less in the colossus text itself that s ju Introducing One Of The Most Famous Characters In Literature, Jean Valjean The Noble Peasant Imprisoned For Stealing A Loaf Of Bread Les Mis Rables Ranks Among The Greatest Novels Of All Time In It, Victor Hugo Takes Readers Deep Into The Parisian Underworld, Immerses Them In A Battle Between Good And Evil, And Carries Them To The Barricades During The Uprising Of With A Breathtaking Realism That Is Unsurpassed In Modern Prose Within His Dramatic Story Are Themes That Capture The Intellect And The Emotions Crime And Punishment, The Relentless Persecution Of Valjean By Inspector Javert, The Desperation Of The Prostitute Fantine, The Amorality Of The Rogue Th Nardier, And The Universal Desire To Escape The Prisons Of Our Own Minds Les Mis Rables Gave Victor Hugo A Canvas Upon Which He Portrayed His Criticism Of The French Political And Judicial Systems, But The Portrait That Resulted Is Larger Than Life, Epic In Scope An Extravagant Spectacle That Dazzles The Senses Even As It Touches The Heart I m in the minority unfortunately I thought the book was okay I was hoping it would blow my mind and be a favorite like The Count Of Monte Cristo, as I was afraid of that book too, but alas, it was not I might as well put the ole spoilers tag up on here Oh and even though Jean s name will be changed in the book, I m sticking with Jean so I won t get all messed up FANTINE 1 An Upright Man2 The Fall3 In The Year 18174 To Trust Is Sometimes To Surrender 5 The Descent 6 Javert7 The Champmathieu Affair8 Counter Stroke I worry at times when reading classic books because I feel I won t understand a lot of them And some I haven t Come to think of it, I have read books that aren t classic and never understood them and still loved them I m strange, I know I felt the same way when I went into The Count of Monte Cristo I This will be another review as I go First, a thank you to Rachel for recommending the Fahnestock and MacAfee translation, which is wonderful so far Next, a question Why have I been so drawn lately to these 1,500 page 19th century behemoths War and Peace, The Brothers Karamazov, Crime and Punishment, and now this Am I just a glutton for punishment Or just showing off I hope not When I think about it, I think it has to do with the moral scope and depth of the work and the way these books really wear their morality on their sleeves They re complex, yes, but they re not hiding their morality behind some veneer of show, don t tell They re not afraid to plumb the moral depths of the societies they depict, and I think, when I look around at the society I inhabit, that I hunger for of this So here I have it.
Hugo certainly takes his time setting up the main action, with a long introductory se 873 Les Mis rables, Victor HugoLes Mis rables is a French historical novel by Victor Hugo, first published in 1862, that is considered one of the greatest novels of the 19th century In the English speaking world, the novel is usually referred to by its original French title However, several alternatives have been used, including The Miserables, The Wretched, The Miserable Ones, The Poor Ones, The Wretched Poor, The Victims and The Dispossessed Beginning in 1815 and culminating in the 1832 June Rebellion in Paris, the novel follows the lives and interactions of several characters, particularly the struggles of ex convict Jean Valjean and his experience of redemption 1966 2006 1310 1331 1349 1647 1363 1370 1382 9640004189 1384 1387 9789640004180 1388 1390 1391 1392 1386 19 1393 9789643519568 1362 1368 1380 962 1389 9789642200474 1380 1 What makes a favourite book In this case, I will have to say one single character that broke my heart and shaped my idealism and stirred my anger Gavroche Th nardier Si l on demandait la grande et norme ville Qu est ce que c est que cela elle r pondrait C est mon petit One of those street children that see and hear during their childhood than most people ever experience, who carry pain and neglect with them on their daily adventures to survive in a hostile, careless environment, and still manage to find reasons to love and to live, he made me want to work with children when I was myself still only a teenager I also wept with his sister ponine, and with Cosette s mother Fantine, and I followed in Gavroche s tracks through the drama of Pa Jam s he le do nada igual Ni lo har Ya s que eso suena exagerado, pero s perfectamente que no leer nada tan bueno de nuevo Los Miserables est a un nivel que solo Victor Hugo puede llegar a tocar.

Les Mis rables can be translated from the French into The Miserable Ones , The Wretched , The Poor Ones , The Wretched Poor or The Victims So, as you will have concluded, this is not a happy book.
In fact, it is the very opposite of fluffy happiness It is a story about the lowest and darkest parts of French society in the first half of the nineteenth century Hugo takes the reader on a 1200 page journey around France and into the lives of criminals, prostitutes, those wasting away under the strain of poverty and he provides food for thought on commonly held ideas about the nature of law, justice, love, religion and politics Not only this, but I can say that not one page of this giant bored meAt the end of the day you re another day older And that s all you can say for the life of the poor I feel the need to Let s say that I could choose a single book with the guarantee that every man, woman, and child would read it I would not choose my top three favorites, nor would I choose the one whose remnants are permanently inked upon me I would choose this one You argue, the length The time period The cultural barriers It s just another long expounding by some old dead white guy whose type has suffocated literature for centuries Women will be frustrated with poor representation, people who aren t white will be angered by no representation, and everyone will bored to tears Alright, I see that Now, let me explain.
Human rights have not been perfected They are as much a work in progress now as they were 150 years ago when this book was first published If you wish to find the book that gives every variation on the theme of humanity its due, it does not exi

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[ Read Online Les Misérables ✓ womens-fiction PDF ] by Victor Hugo ¾ sustanon.pro Victor Hugo, in full Victor Marie Hugo b February 26, 1802, Besan on, France d May 22, 1885, Paris, France , poet, playwrighter, novelist, dramatist, essayist, visual artist, statesman, human rights campaigner, and perhaps the most influential exponent of the Romantic movement in France, who was the most important of the French Romantic writers Though regarded in France as one of that countr