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[Lance Armstrong] ¹ It's Not About The Bike: My Journey Back to Life [coptic-language PDF] Read Online Æ Disappointing, was expecting serious inspiration but it s just a standard experience of cancer I expect, not much to it Not written in a particularly thrilling fashion either.
Was read post drug scandal, however that did not influence my decision as I wasn t really bothered by that scandal.
Here is truly a story that can inspire everyone regardless the hopelessness of their situation I was held spellbound by this story and the way it was told I could personally relate to it well, as my 28 year old son in law was faced with a similar situation and survived and succeeded against all odds He was striken with a yet unknown illness that kept him on life support for an extended period, with little hope from the doctors for a successful recovery As pointed out by Lance in his book, you should never give up Give it all you ve got and you will succeed This book is a must read for all those with major problems and certainly for those without the problems, but feel depressed by minor issues that keep them from overcoming them to greater success It is a well written work, full of enthusiasm, emotion, the will to survive and prosper and inspirat It S Not About The Bike Was First Published In Detailing Lance Armstrong S Battle With Life Threatening Testicular Cancer And His Return To Professional Cycling, It Became A Huge Bestseller, Appealing To Fans Of Cycling As Well As Cancer Survivors Inspired By His Full And Dramatic Recovery Dogged By Suspicion And Allegations Of Doping Throughout His Career, In January In An Interview With Oprah Winfrey, Lance Armstrong Admitted To Having Taken Performance Enhancing Drugs During All Seven Of The Tours De France In Which He Competed The UCI, The World Governing Body For Cycling, Stripped Him Of His Titles This is not only for bike riders but it contains much An almost unbelievable story about a complete new life from a seemingly hopeless case.
This fantastic person, Lance Armstrong, faced cancer, nearly died, survived, and as I write this July 22, 2000 is about to win his second Tour de France since his brush with death He is a superb athlete and an extraordinary human being The adversity of his disease and its brutal treatments changed him for the better both as a sportsman and as a person and it is his bike that runs through this book as the unifying force and the symbolic icon for what Lance does Yes, many of the important aspects of this book have to do with things of the spirit and not with pedaling but it is on wheels that he first encountered fame, the lack of those wheels that brought him to near despondency, and the triumphal return to his wheels that signaled his being whole once.
There is no self pity or sentimentality in these pages This is not a book of the inspira This is one of the most inspirational biographies I have ever read, and comes from the truly remarkable life experiences of a determined young man I loved every word Early in the book, Lance Armstrong says that cancer was the best thing that happened to me He goes on to say, When I was sick I saw beauty and triumph and truth in a single day than I ever saw in a bike race.
Overcoming cancer and becoming an athletic champion in the grueling sport of bicycle racing require a toughness of spirit, mind, and body that is hard for most of us to imagine This inspirational book portrays beautifully how one can start with the right spirit and overcome enormous obstacles.
Although his doctors told him he had a 40 percent chance of surviving stage three testical cancer, this was mostly to keep his morale up After he had recovered, his do I read this in the months just leading up to Lance being exposed.
I did find the story quite moving, and inspirational.
Whilst I was reading it there was a lot of chatter on the web about doping in cycling, much of which I found quite eye opening as I had always been a believer in clean cycling mainly through simply not having the knowledge about what was going on.
I could see that events explained in the book made sense when looking at it from a doping angle.
Anyway, with what we all NOW know you kind of have to look at this book from 2 standpoints 1 Yes it was interesting to hear about his background and how he came to terms with Cancer, and the steps he too to overcome it.
2 How he came back to the top of the sport of course this side is now completely tainted and based on lies.
Lance was clearly a very gifted athlete and a man who would do whatever it took, in all

Having read the book and filled with admiration on how Lance battled against the very high odds of living, news then came out of the truth of his drug taking, cheating and having his medals withdrawn.
So where does that leave this book.
I think I will just have to judge it on the hard work and dogged determination to battle against the cancer has to win over his drug taking.
Whether he was a great cyclist or not it was still a great battle won against the big C.
Perfect Obwohl selbst kein Fan von Lance Armstrong, zu oft hat er sich unsportlich verhalten oder einfach betrogen, bin ich doch erstaunt, wie das Buch meinen Sohn gefesselt und ihm das Leben eines gebeutelten Mannes n her gebracht hat und nun auch meine Frau begeistert Ein Buch, das eben nur sekund r ber den Radsport und viel ber das Leben an sich erz hlt.

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