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á Read Á Intensity by Dean Koontz á I hate Dean Koontz, but I go through books quickly and have to have something to read at work, and when it comes down to it, I ll read anything you put in front of me even if it s bad just for something to do Allegedly, this was one of his better books The best book I ve read of his, I would give two stars Don t even remember what it was called It pains me that this man is the second best selling author in the US Seriously.
Why Well, where to begin Let s start with characters Dean Koontz doesn t create characters he just creates caricatures The main characters stories of childhood trauma aren t remotely believable If her mother didn t give a shit about her and was constantly moving around, why would she even bother to bring her for 16 years Everything is so extreme in her character that there s never any remotely realistic motivation for any of it The villain is concerned OMG, I haven t read a book like this in years, and don t think I ll be reading one again any time soon Intensity is the perfect name for this one It starts right off with an intruder on a killing rampage, and never lets up I know, how can I keep reading, but the suspense was beyond belief, and the writing incredible Just the other day I was driving in the mountains, noticing a blue truck was constantly behind me He even made the same turn I did on a dirt road Was he coming to kill me How will I escape Oh, he just passed me, whew Yup, this is gonna stick with me, just hopefully not too long Awesome read for horror and suspense fans The intense of the Intensity initiates from the long drawn out somewhat terrifying scenes of Chyna hiding from Vess in attempts to go unnoticed and to survive, and the intense of the Intensity continues with fiery Chyna Shepherd, Untouched and Alive Chyna Shepard had a hard and candidly distressful childhood and she opened up to nobody The main companion she knew and trusted was Laura Chyna voyaged home with Laura for spring break and keeping in mind that gazing out the window amid her restless night, Chyna heard something peculiar It seem like an interloper, and returning to youth she instantly covered up under the bed The gatecrasher had butchered the entire family in their rest and the just a single saved was Chyna.
The bottom line of the story is Do not give up if you ever find yourself as a victim

3 StarsChyna is taken to her best friend s family home for a mini break during the school year only to spend the first night hidden under the guest bed as a home invader proceeds to murder all the occupants Having both an unusual and terrifying childhood Chyna has developed a skill set that has made her a survivor both then and now As she peers out the window of the guest bedroom she hears a muffled scream and creaking footsteps heading towards her room, instinct takes over and she is under the bed, and out of sight Chyna is fully aware that the bed has not been slept in and her things are safely hidden in the closet so that the room appears unused and hopefully the intruder will move on Edward Vess lives life intensely his senses are primed for optimal absorbance He basks in both pain and pleasure and be An excellent book, full of suspense It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through and the temptation to rush to the end to see what happened was huge But I was good and enjoyed every word of it There is a very surprising little twist to the tale at the very end which was nice It is always good to leave a book on a high and that is certainly the case here Dean Koontz s books do vary in quality but this is one of the good ones, I suppose many people feel that Koontz s books are a dime a dozen But Intensity is as good a thriller as I ve ever read, and that was 16 years ago Very visceral and very scary It reminds me a bit of the recent thriller, Ask any Dean Koontz fan what their favorite Koontz book is, and the answer you will likely get is Watchers, or maybe Odd Thomas Exceptions to this exist, of course, but those two titles seem to get the most love amongst his fanbase Personally, my favorite was The City Until I read Intensity.
This novel is really quite unlike most everything else by Koontz unlike what I ve read by him, anyway There is no cloying sentimentality No precocious children, no forced romance Koontz almost goes there in the final chapter, but he redeems himself , no cornball military men or bougainvillea or wacky spirituality or Goldens Just a sympathetic, kick ass protagonist and the scariest, most loathsome villain Koontz has put to paper And the only dogs to appear on the narrative are tak Past Midnight, Chyna Shepard, Twenty Six, Gazes Out A Moonlit Window, Unable To Sleep On Her First Night In The Napa Valley Home Of Her Best Friend S Family Instinct Proves Reliable A Murderous Sociopath, Edgler Foreman Vess, Has Entered The House, Intent On Killing Everyone Inside A Self Proclaimed Homicidal Adventurer, Vess Lives Only To Satisfy All Appetites As They Arise, To Immerse Himself In Sensation, To Live Without Fear, Remorse Or Limits, To Live With Intensity Chyna Is Trapped In His Deadly Orbit Chyna Is A Survivor, Toughened By A Lifelong Struggle For Safety And Self Respect Now She Will Be Tested As Never Before At First Her Sole Aim Is To Get Out Alive Until, By Chance, She Learns The Identity Of Vess S Next Intended Victim, A Faraway Innocent Only She Can Save Driven By A Newly Discovered Thirst For Meaning Beyond Mere Self Preservation, Chyna Musters Every Inner Resource She Has To Save An Endangered Girlas Moment By Moment, The Terrifying Threat Of Edgler Foreman Vess Intensifies I have never read a action packed book in my life It never once let up almost from page one In some ways it was a little disorienting because you never had a moment to breathe, but at the same time that s also what you really want when you read a thriller The writing was meh, nothing special But the story itself was skillfully told And obviously unsettling You get in the head of a serial killer, and who really wants to spend any time in that place Not me And yet, I read the whole book in two days The book was very aptly named it was intense And thrilling.
Also, the main character makes really dumb decisions Sojust know that going in.
Re reading for September 2015 with Koontzland group As with many Koontz novels, I enjoyed this one the second time around First of all I liked Koontz descriptions, vivid but not too long His use of simile and metaphor enhanced the reading for me I won t go into the plot because many other reviewers have done that As for characterization, Chyna is one of Koontz strongest female characters She fought for herself as a young girl and continues to fight the obstacles in her path Chyna is as intense in her determination to free herself and another as Edgler Vess is in his attempt to spread destruction For Edgler love the use of the d in his name as he points out that he is on the edge what matters is sensation He has synesthesia described in the book the ability to observe with than one sense ex taste colors He is about the sensation of whatever he does The f

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