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[Nancy Marie Brown] ☆ IVORY VIKINGS [central-african-republic PDF] Read Online Ô Nancy Marie Brown takes the Lewis chessman as a starting point into the manners and society of early Scandinavia The discussion ranges through the authority of kings and clerics, to clothing styles, the size of horses, the economics of walrus and wool, andShe builds an appreciation of the sophistication of society during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries in Norway, Iceland and the northern British Isles including Lewis where the chessman were found Her case for Margret the Adroit as the artist that made them is weak at best, but is also a minor piece of this wide ranging exploration of viking culture Very enjoyable reading, and highly recommended Why then only four stars The book suffers from a lack of photographs to complement the vivid descriptions of the pieces and places To overcome this, have a copy of The Lewis Chessmen Unmasked Caldwl

Back in 1831 a collection of 92 chessmen was discovered on the Isle of Lewis in the Hebrides Carved from ivory taken from walrus tusks, each piece was individual and idiosyncratic, with differing faces, expressions, clothing, and weaponry Debate over the Lewis chessmen s creator s and place s of origin began shortly after their discovery and has carried on without end In this well written and fascinating volume Nancy Marie Brown tells us what is known or surmised about the chessmen, and in so doing she has revealed the complex civilization centered around the North Atlantic Ocean from which they came.
In the 10th and 11th centuries the North Atlantic bustled with an active sea going society The Northmen or Vikings carried on trade between Scandinavia, Russia, Ireland, Britain, Iceland, and Greenland Gifted craftsmen created beautiful art work out of stone In The Early S, On A Hebridean Beach In Scotland, The Sea Exposed An Ancient Treasure CacheChessmen Carved From Walrus Ivory Norse Netsuke, Each Face Individual, Each Full Of Quirks, The Lewis Chessmen Are Probably The Most Famous Chess Pieces In The World Harry Played Wizard S Chess With Them In Harry Potter And The Sorcerer S Stone Housed At The British Museum, They Are Among Its Most Visited And Beloved ObjectsQuestions Abounded Who Carved Them Where IVORY VIKINGS By Nancy Marie Brown Explores These Mysteries By Connecting Medieval Icelandic Sagas With Modern Archaeology, Art History, Forensics, And The History Of Board Games In The Process, IVORY VIKINGS Presents A Vivid History Of TheYears When The Vikings Ruled The North Atlantic, And The Sea Road Connected Countries And Islands We Think Of As Far Apart And Culturally Distinct Norway And Scotland, Ireland And Iceland, And Greenland And North America The Story Of The Lewis Chessmen Explains The Economic Lure Behind The Viking Voyages To The West In The S And S And Finally, It Brings From The Shadows An Extraordinarily Talented Woman Artist Of The Twelfth Century Margret The Adroit Of Iceland

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