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[Georgia Bragg] » How They Croaked: The Awful Ends of the Awfully Famous [bisexual PDF] Read Online Ù This Award Winning Book For Reluctant Readers Is A Fascinating Collection Of Remarkable Deaths And Not For The Faint Of HeartOver The Course Of History, Men And Women Have Lived And Died In Fact, Getting Sick And Dying Can Be A Big, Ugly Mess Especially Before The Modern Medical Care That We All Enjoy Today From King Tut S Ancient Autopsy To Albert Einstein S Great Brain Escape, How They Croaked Contains All The Gory Details Of The Awful Ends Of Nineteen Awfully Famous PeopleDon T Miss The Companion, How They Choked Looks creepy BUT it s a GREAT book Bought it for my 10 year old daughter It doesn t focus only on how they died It gives them facts about who that person was sms what they did that made them famous for example Mozart My daughter loved it My doctor bought it for her daughter as well.
My soon to be 8 year old daughter has a bit of a macabre streak she saw this book at the mall and immediately put it on her birthday list The rest of the family thought it a bit odd, but this IS the same girl that carries around a skeleton doll for the entire month of October How They Croaked goes further than just describing the How of the way some famous folks lives ended there s also quite a bit of insight into some of the other medical issues they fought And it doesn t just end at death the book also reveals some surprising stories about missing body parts, thievery, etc I learned quite a bit having it read aloud from the backseat during a roadtrip Note The book doesn t mince words when it comes to slicing, dicing and decomposing, so you can also expect this to lead to conversations about anatomy, etc Heed the I bought this for my son the summer after 5th grade when he was 11 it was one of the options for him to pick from a required reading list for 6th grade He s a slow reader so he doesn t enjoy reading much, but he liked this book The great thing about this book is that it s made up of many short stories rather than long chapters.
The stories are very brief summaries of the lives and deaths of famous people like King Tut, Henry VIII, Christopher Columbus, Albert Einstein, and Edgar Allan Poe There s a total of 19 famous people listed in the Table of Contents.
This book was easy for my son to read without feeling overwhelmed because each mini story is only about 5 7 pages.
Plus I enjoyed the facts he shared with me each time he read about someone.
I have friends whose 10 11 year olds are reading the Twilight series of books My s I got these for my nephew for Christmas also How They Choked and I read them both before handing them over, couldn t put them down Good read for kids and adults Poor George Washington It s pretty unbelievable to see how the normal medical practices of their day actually added to these famous people s demise Sometimes I wonder if that has changed much I liked the book have given it to 3 to 4 people already It amazes me how many people will do WHATEVER their Dr says The book arrived a day early which is always nice My son had to have it for school I read most of it in about 2 hours before I gave it to him Pretty darn interesting book.
While a very interesting book in of itself, it doesn t go into quite as much detail gory or otherwise as other books do For morbid middle schoolers, this is the perfect book Anyone older than 15 and who can stomach it would probably enjoy Rest In Pieces by Bess Lovejoy just a tad bit.
Book purchased for my daughter She loved it.
My rising 7th grader is required to read a fiction and non fiction book during the summer and write book reports on them both Since my son loves Doctor Oz, CSI, ID Network, and similar programs I figured he would be interested in this book as a non fiction option I was right He finished this book in 3 day and was so excited to tell me how past icons lived and died I even read it Good book.

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