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[ Read Online Go Ask Alice ✓ eunuch PDF ] by Beatrice Sparks ✓ It s hard for me to write this review because I don t really know where to begin.
Basically whether you believe this is fiction or not that should not matter If you believe this story is too far fetched to be true, then I must say that you are absolutely wrong, because my recovering drug addicted sister is Alice , I am the innocent Alex , and our family is the one that will always love her and always take her back Stories like this absolutely exist in real life My sister even started using at the same age as Alice so stuff like this does happen, even to good people.
This book should not be looked at as anti drug propaganda but rather as a story of a true drug addict This book illustrates addiction perfectly, for the addict and for his or her family.
A lot of the content is hard to stomach with the graphic imagery and language, but if This infuriating book is the most repugnant piece of reactionary propaganda that I ve ever had the misfortune to read Go Ask Alice is unnecessary proof that sex and drug stories are the best money makers it helps when they also support a staunchly conservative, traditionalist agenda The whole book is a fetid lie, and a poorly executed one at that.
OK, now that I ve calmed down a little bit, let s actually discuss this real diary If there ever was a real diary which seems hardly likely it was probably very mild compared to this oversexed and overwritten garbage What seems most likely is that Beatrice Sparks set out to write a book that would prove that smoking a joint or two, having sex without marriage, and gasp not praying all the time would lead to a tragic decline and fall, eventually leading to a premature death Now, to This book is crap on its own But those of you old enough to remember the latter portion of the 70s might remember that Beatrice Sparks, the editor of Go Ask Alice, also edited a bunch of other alarmist books aimed at teens, all supposedly taken from teenagers diaries One was called Jay s Journal, and was purportedly about a teen who gets involved with Satanism and eventually commits suicide to escape the horror of it all.
Even as a 12 year old, however, it was obvious to me that every single one of these books was written by the same person Ms Sparks, presumably It s not as though you had to perform a sophisticated rhetorical analysis to see that the authors were the same there were all these stupid little tics in the writing common to all the books The one I happen to remember is that the author would repeat things three times an

I was never forced to read this when I was younger, so I thought that I d pick it up and read it now, for a laugh, being as there are days when there is just too much blood in my drug stream.
7pm 12 Nov 2007Well, I m about 12 page into this book and I already hate Alice Quite a lot, actually I hope that as I read further, Alice s drug induced diary entries mark an improvement upon her character.
1pm 16 Nov 2007Finished the book 3 days ago, and just finally stopped laughing so that I can be able to write this review.
If this book was meant to make me want to do some drugs, then bully for Ms Anonymous because it worked I didn t do extra drugs, but it made me want to.
Some of my favourite excerpts In San Francisco we won t know single soul th I first read this book in sixth grade When I tell people this, they usually look at me in an appalled fashion, and ask if my parents knew I was reading it And I tell them, yes, my mother knew, before I was even finished with the first entry I had have a tendency to talk openly with my mother, especially upon the topic of books When she saw that I was reading it, she looked at me a moment, then said something along the lines of Rachel, if you weren t such a mature reader person, I would tell you not to read that book And so, I read it, and felt deeply moved But what does this have to do with Go Ask Alice Everything Though I suggest that Everyone read this book, I do agree with my mother, that for certain reasons, the reader must be mature enough to digest this true story of a girl, and not mock it or pull its lines to pieces with sayings such This was written by Nancy Reagan as propaganda for her Just Say NO anti drugs campaign It contains every single cliche about how making friends with anyone whose social life doesn t involve Christian youth clubs will inevitably lead to the sort of parties where teenagers can drink beer and have a puff of a joint and it is downhill all the way from there Drugs lead to getting in with a bad crowd, having sex, stealing, dealing, prostitution, homelessness and insanity Only the pastor can save her But no, once she is persuaded to go home, those good old non drug taking, Christian hometown folks are visiting the sins of the daughter on the parents with social isolation and threats, so eventually they move to a new town A new beginning, nah we all know you can t escape drugs when you start on the slippery slope of that first puff and it will end badly.
An overdose, death Inevita 3.
5 StarsFirst published in 1971, Go Ask Alice is a controversial book involving teenage addiction It s written in first person in traditional diary form We don t know the troubled teenage girls name but we follow her rapid descent into her life as an addict Anonymous is a lonely teenager who feels like she will never live up to the expectations of her parents She struggles with self esteen issues, loneliness, etc On top of that her family has now moved and she s having trouble making new friends But things go from bad to worse beginning the night she s at a party and someone spikes her drink with LSD She likes the feeling the drugs give her and feels like they take the edge off She doesn t feel so insecure and lonely when she s high It s not long before she s exp January ThAfter You Ve Had It, There Isn T Even Life Without Drugs It Started When She Was Served A Soft Drink Laced With LSD In A Dangerous Party Game Within Months, She Was Hooked, Trapped In A Downward Spiral That Took Her From Her Comfortable Home And Loving Family To The Mean Streets Of An Unforgiving City It Was A Journey That Would Rob Her Of Her Innocence, Her Youth And Ultimately Her Life read Her DiaryEnter Her WorldYou Will Never Forget Her For Thirty Five Years, The Acclaimed, Bestselling First Person Account Of A Teenage Girl S Harrowing Decent Into The Nightmarish World Of Drugs Has Left An Indelible Mark On Generations Of Teen Readers As Powerful And As Timely Today As Ever, Go Ask Alice Remains The Definitive Book On The Horrors Of Addiction Alice Mm hm They told me to go ask you Ask me what Ah I guess, should I do drugs Well, how would I know I m just a made up girl in a piece of anti drugs propaganda that somehow became famous than it deserved Hey, don t be like that I meant, if you actually had existed, then what would you have said The rest of this review is available elsewhere the location cannot be given for Goodreads policy reasons Bwaaah So disappointing Some of my co workers were discussing this book at lunch one day, and I remembered being super curious about it when I was younger, but for some reason never got around to it Unfortunately for my enjoyment of the book, I did some digging before reading it I see on Goodreads that the author is not credited as Anonymous as it still is on the cover of the book , but Beatrice Sparks On the book, Sparks is listed as the editor, but a preface still states it is the real diary of a real teenager Now there are three possibilities here, 1 Sparks has the most depressing job ever, surrounding by teens facing fatal distasters, but always keeping a diary about it, 2 Sparks stalks especially literate high risk children across the country, 3 Sparks totally made it all up Go Ask Alice is one of abo

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[ Read Online Go Ask Alice ✓ eunuch PDF ] by Beatrice Sparks ✓ sustanon.pro Beatrice Sparks was an American therapist and Mormon youth counselor who was known for producing books purporting to be the real diaries of troubled teenagers The books deal with topical issues such as drug abuse, Satanism, teenage pregnancy or AIDS, and are presented as cautionary tales Although Sparks always presented herself as merely the discoverer and editor of the diaries, records at the