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Download Epub Format õ Fringes: Life on the Edge of Professional Rugby (English Edition) PDF by â Ben Mercer For me as a passionate amateur, this stands alongside Ben Ryan s Sevens Heaven in the very top flight of rugby autobiographies but this is not some highly technical work of interest for the rugby afficionado alone rather, anyone interested in teams, groups and relationships will find this an excellent and informative read.
The book details the good, the bad and the ugly sides of professional rugby outside the top tier, both in England and in France It provides a fascinating insight into the workings, the politics and the dynamics of a team centred environment, often being brutally honest about systems, people and the author himself.
Extremely well written thankfully without the use of a ghost writer the book is an engaging journey through the author s professional This is such a great insight into the life of a professional rugby player Unlike a lot of sports books this is genuine, funny, engaging and enjoyable.
I m not a big rugby fan, so the pleasure I took from this book was in the down to earth story of life as a professional athlete moving abroad to extend his career Although there are some sections of the book that talk about the rugby tactics and strategy that I didn t understand to the degree that a rugby fan would, it was the things that are relevant to any sport that I enjoyed most, such as contract negotiations, living conditions, away trips, relationships with owners, coaches and team mates.
In addition to all of the rugby stuff, there s an interesting story about

Firstly, let me say, Rugby is not my sport, never played it, watched it as an armchair fan for a few years but doesn t mean a great deal to me This book has changed my views on the game It s wonderful, compelling journey of an average rugby player, Ben Mercer and his adventures with Stade Rouennais as they look to scale the heights of French Rugby, but it s than that It s the journey that Ben makes as an individual, his relationship with his team mates, his coach and the owners of the club as well as his relationship with Rouen all told in a really engaging way.
If you re going to read one book on rugby, give the elite names a miss and read thisIt s real, it s not all pomp and success It s a book for everyone I look forward to Ben s next offering books like these are rarea genuine viewpoint from a players perspective You ll enjoy the trials and tribulations of Ben s journey through the seasons and throughout France Getting to firstly cope with a cultural change, new language, friendships a mixed bag of team mates from the four corners of the planet all brought together in North West France for Rouen to enable and push this very ambitious club to the higher leagues Its cleverly written with short chapters that keep you hooked and its flows brilliantly from page to page There are many humorous stories, plus its fair share of disappointments from all sorts of angles and make this book a must read for any aspirating player looking something different Ben also high If you enjoyed Confessions of a Rugby Mercenary by John Daniel then try this Much interesting than the Eddie Jones biog, this stands alongside John Daniel s book and Ben Ryan s Sevens Heaven as offering something very different and, in my view, much better.
Fringes was a pleasure to digest packed with quality first person narrative and brimming with funny anectodes The book is a chronological take of Ben s four seasons at Rouen interspersed with topical discussion of key issues surrounding the professional and not so professional areas of the game, often through the lens of his personal experiences Contract negotiations, team mates, the lifestyle of an athlete, facing stereotypes and mental health and are all dealt with I would recommend this book to anyone from the armchair sporting enthusiast to a professional sportsperson, or indeed anyone who is interested in how a person can earn their living in another country and make the most of the experience It was refreshing to read a sports book this honest, fly on the wall a I would certainly recommend this book Fringes provides an honest, personal account of life on the edge of professional rugby It engages you in a love for the game, exposes you to the nuances of French culture, and emotionally connects you with the experiences of those working professionally in sport The book does well to weave humour and contextual references into the rugby narrative, that provides any reader with something to relate to A book well worth taking the time to read.
This book is a brilliant, true funny insight into the world of rugby underneath the top tier of stardom that we usually only see As a semi professional rugby player myself so many of Ben s stories resonated with me as you follow his journey in France There is a particular snippet towards the end of the book about the team having to fill in food diaries which is hilarious You ll know when you get there All round a great book and I would highly recommend Sports books Tend To Detail Extraordinary Achievements, Triumphs Against The Odds Or Commemorate World Cup Winning Captains.
This Book Does Not Do That.
For Many, Playing Professional Sport Is The Dream Job Few Manage It, Very Few Make It To The Top And For The Rest, Life Is Very Different This Is Their Story In Fringes, Ben Mercer Invites You To Witness Life At The Outer Edges Of Professional Rugby.
This Is A First Hand Account Of What Life Is Like As A Journeyman Professional Athlete You Play, But To The Wider Public You Don T Exist You Earn But You Don T Drive A Flash Car You Sometimes Pack Out A Stadium But Sometimes, You Play In A Deserted Park This Is The Story For The Majority Of Sports Professionals Only The Minority Taste The Top, Only One Person Gets To Lift The Cup Or Win The Medal, Only 15 Get To Play For England At Any One Time For The Rest, Thats Not The Case.
Ben Mercer Is A Former Professional Rugby Player Who After Becoming Disillusioned And Uninspired Plying His Trade In The English Second Division, Accepted An Offer Out Of The Blue To Go To France And Do Something Different Help An Amateur Team Turn Professional This Is A First Hand Account Of What Life Is Like In The Lower Reaches Of Professional Sport Where Your Employment Status Is As Precarious As Your Health And Barely Anyone Will Know Your Name.
It S About How It Feels To Live Year To Year, With Teammates Constantly On The Move It S About How Professionalism Irreversibly Changes The French Club Stade Rouennais As They Move Up The Divisions, About The Tension Between Progress And Identity In A Rugby Team It S Also About How It Feels To Actually Be Out There On The Field, How It Feels To Occasionally Do Something Extraordinary And How It Feels When This Is No Longer Enough For You To Make The Sacrifices That You Need To Make To Keep Playing.
There S No Ghostwriting, It S An Unmitigated Meditation On How It Feels And What It Means To Play Rugby For A Living, To Dedicate Yourself To An Uncompromising But Occasionally Beautiful Game.
If You Ve Wanted To Know What Life Is Really Like As A Professional Athlete, On The Fringes, Away From The Glitz And Glamour Of The International Game Then Look No Further.
Rugby is a social game, and, unlike performance art, is much uncertain not in terms of opportunities but in what happens on the field Fringes captures the social aspect of the game and fields a wide array of experiences to entice the reader from the beginning to its end Impressive historical accounts of the French region in which he plays thrown in too Anyone who wants to understand the real career of a Rugby player should look no further than this Truly remarkable.

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