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Trailer ☆ Flashman PDF by ✓ George MacDonald Fraser Meet Harry Flashman, decorated hero of the Victorian age He also happens to be a liar, a lecher, a bully, and a sniveling coward, and that is what makes these comic historical novels so funny.
He is also gloriously un PC, which seems to ruffle some dainty feathers these days Great stuff.
How do we distinguish between the author and the characters he writes There are readers who assume that if a main character does something racist or sexist, that means the author is, too But then, characters can also transform into cockroaches, commit interplanetary genocide, and die gloriously in a hail of bullets without the author having to undergo those experiences, himself.
Even in an autobiography, the author still isn t writing himself he s writing one biased version, crafting coherent stories and meanings out of the messy aggregate of daily life But even in works of pure, fantastical fiction, some authors reveal of themselves than others.
For the most inexperienced author, their main character will be a reflection of how they view themselves They know what the author knows, like what they like, and have the same faults an streng This is the first book of the Flashman papers, much loved by many It purports to be the memoirs of a Victorian officer In this book, he serves in Afghanistan and India The cover art encapsulates the plot and tone.
A rake s adventures Harry Flashman is a self aware, shameless, shrewd, cowardly opportunist who describes himself as A scoundrel, a liar, a cheat, a thief, a coward and, oh yes, a toady Note that he doesn t mention his treatment of women He joins up fights escapes sleeps around betrays honour, friends, fellow officers, and even his country beats servants for their own good and my amusement beds women is tortured duels double crosses takes hostages is taken hostage yada yada rinse and repeat not necessarily in that order I found it a little dull I ve just been looking at the other reviews, and every guy likes Flashman Every single one I m afraid I do too What does that say about us I often wonder why women put up with men at all.
There s a recurring theme to the reviews I ve read of Flashman which is that whilst, by his own happy admission, he is a racist, scoundrel, bully, cad and coward, Flashman is also an engaging storyteller who has the happy coincidence to be an active participant in the middle of momentous historical events George MacDonald Fraser has done a magnificent job of evoking the Britain, India and Afghanistan of 1839 to 1842, and the literary conceit that what we are reading is the first part of a cache of papers, written by Flashman in old age between 1900 and 1905 , is brilliant, as it allows Flashman to add an occasional commentary to events and put them into perspective Flashman begins with his expulsion from Rugby school, as described in Tom Brown s Schooldays and ends with his un

A magnificent read about an appalling man You get a good feel for Flashman s character early on With his unflinching and intelligent take on the people and situations surrounding him you feel very much a part of the action It is extremely well written and a very entertaining book.
Given the current situation in Afghanistan, it s pretty poignant too I was laughing till I snorted in public at the description of the incompetence of Major General Elphinstone then within moments nearly in tears as the full impact of it was realised.
The voices seem appropriate, the writing is excellent and the adventure is extreme so much better as it accurately follows historical facts and gives credible voice to them in a setting with which we ve lately become familiar through the evening news.
I strongly recommend it for anyone who s interested in a good read of historical fiction just don t e I am not a big historical fiction buff, but I fell head over heels in love with this book The very premise is awesome in 1857, Thomas Hughes wrote a novel based heavily on his own experiences as a schoolboy The villain of the book is a boy called Flashman, a bully, drunkard, and general asshole Naturally, 100 years later George MacDonald Fraser decided to write a series of historical novels starring a grown up Flashman as the hero The result, at least in Fraser s original book, was pure magic Flashman picks up right where Hughes left off, in 1839 The recently expelled Flashman is forced to find an occupation after being expelled from school for drunkenness, and chooses the army in the hopes of landing a cushy post with no real demands Unfortunately, Fla Oh boy, I ve got to admit that I did love this one The last unputdownable novel I read was Irvine Welsh s The Blade Artist Needless to say, Flashman features an equally foul and notorious protagonist, whose depravity, shameless bullying and honourless scheming kept me reading on about his life in acute disbelief The fact that Flashman s justification for his actions is often hilarious and at times insightful does not redeem him in any way The fact that he is honest enough to openly and constantly admit that he is a cowardly, toadying rake does not redeem him either After all, this is a character who is capable of carrying out incredible violence against women and please don t anyone utter the phrases man of his time and or too much political correctness Flashy s story serves Harry Flashman anti hero extraordinaire, soldier, coward, liar, womanizer, thief , charlatan, drunkard, in one wordscoundrel joined the British Army at 17, in the service of the Queen, after being expelled from the famed Rugby School, a little intoxicated, his father Henry a wealthy widower with a mistress Judy, of the same ilk as son, isn t too concerned quite busy with his gallivanting So in 1839 as the former Princess becomes the newly crowned Queen Victoria 1837 , ruling England Flashman gets a different occupation also, ruling a saddle, enters a cavalry regiment under the legendary incompetent Lord Cardigan An unwanted duel with a very unfriendly chap occurs, yet honor must be preserved at any cost Harry is petrified and can t think of any way to skip this big honor Soon afterwards forced to marry an innocent , pre Coward, Scoundrel, Lover And Cheat, But There Is No Better Man To Go Into The Jungle With Join Flashman In His Adventures As He Survives Fearful Ordeals And Outlandish Perils Across The Four Corners Of The WorldCan A Man Be All Bad When Harry Flashman S Adventures As The Reluctant Secret Agent In Afghanistan Lead Him To Join The Exclusive Company Of Lord Cardigan S Hussars And Play A Part In The Disastrous Retreat From Kabul, It Culminates In The Rascal S Finest And Most Dishonest Turn

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Trailer ☆ Flashman PDF by ✓ George MacDonald Fraser He is best known for his Flashman series of historical novels, purportedly written by Harry Flashman, a fictional coward and bully originally created by Thomas Hughes in Tom Brown s School Days The novels are presented as packets of memoirs written by the nonagenarian Flashman, who looks back on his days as a hero of the British Army during the 19th century The series begins with Flashman, and