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✓ Read ↠´ Finn by Jon Clinch ↠´ I am not even sure where to begin in rating Finn by Jon Clinch First you should probably ignore my star rating, because this isn t a book whose rating, will give any true indication of the love hate relationship you may have with the book You ll love it, because without a doubt, Clinch has a talent as a writer He feels like a modern day Faulkner His language is fluid, poetic, evocative, and then in an instant, sparse and nearly mechanical it its accuracy and sharpness.
You will hate it because it is so very brutal Many reviewers have noted the violence of Finn, suggesting stridently, but somewhat obliquely, that they were ill prepared for the violence in the novel As a womyn of color reading this novel, I felt extremely uncomfortable with the character positioning of womyn of color as victims who are viciously mistreated a The prose of the omniscient narrator is abundant and colorful and is counterbalanced by the spare, realistic dialogue I like how the characters interrupt each other , or is it that the dialogue offsets the narration Regardless it works, even if the characters do say I know it quite a bit.
One scene in a book already full of violence reminded me of the scene in the movie Pulp Fiction that s funny despite it concerning a death the one in the car Here, it s a well done, slapstick kind of scene that brings you up short when you realize where it s heading That led me to reflect that Finn could ve been a Quentin Tarantino villain, and the ending is maybe like one of his too, though not nearly as explosive or climatic That s a good thing Tarantino is hit or miss mostly miss for me Most violent stories are there s absolu Well, I m not really sure what to say about Finn I can t say that I loved it, nor can I say that I hated it I wish that I had read Huckleberry Finn before reading the book so that I could make comparisons between the two, and I would have known about the story line that inspired Clinch I admire that Clinch didn t try to imitate Mark Twain s writing style to have done so would have robbed his portrayal of Finn who I understand, even in Twain s work, is hinted at being a dark, morally bankrupt character of authenticity However, Finn is so bleak a character that I really couldn t get into his story Had he taken initiative, I might have cared Instead, Finn bullies his way through life, allowing himself to be carried along by events rather than attempt to influence those events I think that is intentional as Finn is like the river that provides him with his identity and

This was not a quick read for me Many times I had to reread passages in order to capture the intent This story will linger with me as I am already incorporating some of the language into my daily conversations I know it After using these words, I have to smile and others ask me what s so funny There were moments when I felt a brief compassion for Finn, but they immediately vanished I really enjoyed this exceptional book I know it.
Mesmerising imagining of Pap Finn, Huck s drunken racist pig of a sire Violent, horrific and astonishingly well written, Clinch s first novel rushes in where no one s ever dared go What Clinch has accomplished here is nothing short of breath taking Finn s a bad man who isn t the least bit likable, which makes this novel even remarkable in its humanity and even tenderness The tone is just remote and scholarly enough to keep one a step away from Finn, but I could certainly smell him Highly recommended.
This review was originally posted in 2010 on another site which shall remain nameless If you are a fan of Mark Twain s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, as I am, you may have wondered about Huck s parents Why was his father an alcoholic vagrant who abused his son How did that father end up dead in a house floating down the Mississippi River And who was Huck s mother And what happened to her Now we have the answers to those questions and They are not provided by Mark Twain, but by Jon Clinch in his impressive debut novel, Finn Finally, we have Huckleberry Finn s back story It helps us understand him a little better.
I must admit that there were times as I was reading the book that I wondered if it would have held my interest to the degree that it did if it were about a man named Finn who had no connection with Twain The story of Huckleberry Finn s father, but no light hearted jaunt down the Mississippi Dark, but pure poetry to read Beautifully written You hate Finn and you know he s going to die, but you root for him, nonetheless I think this is the REAL story of Huckleberry Finn A must read for anyone.
In This Masterful Debut By A Major New Voice In Fiction, Jon Clinch Takes Us On A Journey Into The History And Heart Of One Of American Literature S Most Brutal And Mysterious Figures Huckleberry Finn S Father The Result Is A Deeply original Tour De Force That Springs From Twain S Classic Novel But Takes On A Fully Realized Life Of Its Own Finn Sets A Tragic Figure Loose In A Landscape At Once Familiar And Mythic It Begins And Ends With A Lifeless Body Flayed And Stripped Of All Identifying Marks Drifting Down The Mississippi The Circumstances Of The Murder, And The Secret Of The Victim S Identity, Shape Finn S Story As They Will Shape His Life And His DeathAlong The Way Clinch Introduces A Cast Of Unforgettable Characters Finn S Terrifying Father, Known Only As The Judge His Sickly, Sycophantic Brother, Will Blind Bliss, A Secretive Moonshiner The Strong And Quick Witted Mary, A Stolen Slave Who Becomes Finn S Mistress And Of Course Young Huck Himself In Daring To Re Create Huck For A New Generation, Clinch Gives Us A Living Boy In All His Human Complexity Not An Icon, Not A Myth, But A Real Child Facing Vast Possibilities In A World Alternately Dangerous And Bright Finn Is A Novel About Race About Paternity In Its Many Guises About The Shame Of A Nation Recapitulated By The Shame Of One Absolutely Unforgettable Family Above All, Finn Reaches Back Into The Darkest Waters Of America S Past To Fashion Something Compelling, Fearless, And New A Tour de Force that is than worthy of its literary heritageFinn by Jon Clinch was something of a reading project for me.
My goal First read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and then read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, and then read Clinch s Finn to truly understand the saga as a whole.
My only question coming into Finn, was why would Clinch pick such an execrable character to make a book around Why not Thatcher, or Douglas, or Jim or any of the other characters Upon reading it, I understood immediately Jon Clinch chose to tell Finn s tale to reveal the true horrors of the timePart of the zeitgeist around Twain s Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, is that they are both children s and adults books The child sees the adventure, the adult sees the adventure but also gets glimpses of what is going on in the antebell This is an ugly, appalling, frightening, cathartic, loving, and beautifully written interpretation of the backstory of Huckleberry Finn Do not read it if you re not prepared for brutal violence, rape, and racism, or if making an evil man seem fully human is something you cannot abide.

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✓ Read ↠´ Finn by Jon Clinch ↠´ sustanon.pro Jon Clinch s first novel, Finn the secret history of Huckleberry Finn s father was named an American Library Association Notable Book and was chosen as one of the year s best books by The Washington Post, The Christian Science Monitor, and The Chicago Tribune. His second novel, Kings of the Earth, was named a Best Book of the Year by The Washington Post and led the 2010 Summer Reading List at O, T