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[ Read Online FAILURE OF THE NEW ECONOMICS ↠´ cairo PDF ] by Henry Hazlitt Î Reprint OfEdition Full Facsimile Of The original Edition, Not Reproduced With Optical Recognition Software Henry Hazlitt Did The Seemingly Impossible, Something That Was And Is A Magnificent Service To All People Everywhere He Wrote A Line By Line Commentary And Refutation Of What He Considered To Be One Of The Most Destructive, Fallacious, And Convoluted books Of The Century The Target Here Is John Maynard Keynes S General Theory, The Book That Appeared InAnd Swept All Before It In Economic Science, Keynes Changed Everything He Supposedly Demonstrated That Prices Don T Work, That Private Investment Is Unstable, That Sound Money Is Intolerable, And That Government Was Needed To Shore Up The System And Save It It Was Simply Astonishing How Economists The World Over Put Up With This, But It Happened He Converted A Whole Generation In The Late Period Of The Great Depression By The S, Almost Everyone Was Keynesian But Hazlitt, The Nation S Economics Teacher, Would Have None Of It And He Did The Hard Work Of Actually Going Through The Book To Evaluate Its Logic According To Austrian Style Logical Reasoning The Result A NearlyPage Masterpiece Of Exposition After reading this book and understanding somewhat the points Hazlitt makes in his savage takedown of what is called Keynesian economics, I have no idea why Keynesian economics survived to this day Of course economists can and do often disagree as to the effects of various measures, and of course Hazlitt has quite a few of those disagreements with Keynes What is devastating about this book and its contents is the baring of contradictions both in the Keynesian theories themselves and in Keynes s contradictions within his own writings Mainly attacking Keynes seminal work from 1936 the General Theory but also scrutinizing previous Keynes writings, Hazlitt points out many instances where Keynes comes up with a phrase, and uses the phrase in contradictory manners, even in the same publication Hazlitt guesses that not even Keynes knows what he is thi The best book ever written that demolishes Keynes idiotic theories with entertaining and subtle wit Truly enjoyable A must read for anyone that has been imbued with keynes fallacies at school or in his her university studies.
Tr s bonne lecture pour ceux qui recherchent une critique g n rale de la th orie keyn sienne the New Economics ayant impos son h g monie depuis longtemps avec les r gulationnistes et tous les interventionnistes, qui n ont pas peur de nous imposer l endettement de l Etat pour l ternit et l inflation mon taire.
En s inscrivant dans l h ritage de l cole autrichienne d conomie de L von Mises et de F.
A Hayek, l auteur d nonce cette trahison des clercs en conomie, ayant conduit aux situations d endettement g n ralis et de crise dont nous subissons les cons quences l heure actuelle C est une analyse compl te des erreurs de Keynes Avec une pr face de Murray Rothbard.
A marvelous example of pure logic,this book undermines Keynes s General theory arguments page by page In the end what remains of it,is the adaptation of inflation and cheap money policy,as a remedy for unemployment Clearly a preposterous policy Hazlitt provides also a number of arguments in favor of the Austrian school of economics and provides interesting bibliography for further reading Overall,an exceptional book Be careful with the Blurb publisher They have printed the book and text is so small that I will have to use a magnifier glass See the picture The size of the book versus the text.
Pure garbage.
should not allow such kind of fraud I find Hazlitt to be fairly underrated and I believe that this book is often overshadowed by Economics In One Lesson This is a great book to read right AFTER you ve read the General Theory But for those of you are simply looking for a general criticism of Keynesian economics or a comparison of theory I m not so sure this is exactly what you are looking for although it is good for that too This is a criticism of Keyne s book itself, chapter by chapter.
Henry Hazlitt author of the excellent Economics in One Lesson deconstructs John Maynard Keynes magnum opus, The General Theory, and finds it wanting He digs through the poor writing, bald assertions, self contradictions and circular reasoning and exposes the underlying fallacies that make up the entirety of Keynes supposedly new theories And he did so at a time when the Keynesian School was almost unopposed in conventional economics rather than steadily losing ground to both the Chicagoans and Austrians as is the case today While one may consider the work dated as a result, it still has contemporary value so long as prominent Keynesian economists such as Paul Krugman continue to be taken seriously not so much by economists as by those making public policy decisions.
Perhaps Hazlitt s most important contribution is the rehabilitati Bernard Shaw advocated the necessity of challenging every prevailing idea or concept that had held sway in the public consciousness for longer than 10 years As a working hypothesis I am sure it provided many useful returns Henry Hazlitt took slightly longer in attacking the almost regal status afforded to Keynes and his theories by politicians and their economic advisers.
Hazlitt s conclusion in this very detailed and close analysis is that nothing Keynes wrote was both true and original Indeed almost all he wrote says Hazlitt was derivative and ill conceived.
Unlike Keynes, Hazlitt has a clarity and brevity of style that makes his works very appealing to the non specialist He argues his case against Keynes s theories in a convincing manner showing how much Keynes was a political creature who tailored his conclusions to the

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