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[ Read Online Dreamland ↠´ american-revolutionary-war PDF ] by Sarah Dessen ☆ There is something to be said for authors that refuse to write the Hollywood ending They believe in their stories enough to write characters that need than a big screen smooch to resolve their conflicts Instead, these authors take the chance of writing an extended resolution, arguing, I imagine, that it takes time to resolve the problems people have I would argue that novels that have a strong sense of resolution, something than the sum of its tied up loose ends, make a enduring impact on us than their counterparts.
The resolution of Dreamland takes up 32 pages of a 250 page novel, which I suspect some readers will find a little long.
But it s good.
Caitlin O Karen s older sister, Cass, runs away from to be with her boyfriend, even though she has been accepted to Yale and has parents that can afford to send her there Caitlin, just turned sixteen, has always been the younger sister Now, s Pre read Yeah, I m re reading this book for this year because apparently I m on a Sarah Dessen kick from my library I m really looking forward to it.
Post read Dude, I m still shaking even after I ve turned the final page Much of Dreamland hit spot on with respect to the feelings of isolation that Caitlyn felt with things going on with her family and friend circles, and the abuse she suffered just catapulted that strife into the stratosphere I really appreciated the chance to re read this More reflections to follow in the full review.
Full review Dreamland was my first read by Sarah Dessen quite a number of years ago, and I recently took the opportunity to re read it I remembered this being an emotional read, and I ll admit picking it up again provided me with much the same experience as I did the first time I read it, with a few caveats Cait Wake up, Caitlin,Mr Lensing had said But what he didn t understand was that this Dreamland was preferable, walking through this life half sleeping, everything at arm s length or farther away I understood those mermaids I didn t care if they sang to me All I wanted was to block out all the human voices as they called my name again and again, pulling me upward into light, to drownDreamland was my first Sarah Dessen book, and for some reason I d always thought she wrote light hearted, fun, romantic contemporaries meant for a warm, breezy summer day But I was wrong how utterly wrong I was Dreamland broke my heart completely and left me gasping, unable to form coherent thoughts when I first finished it When I turned the last page, I sat on my bed for a moment, dazed.
This gritty, emotional tale follows Caitlin, an eternally second best, straight B gi Dreamland is about a girl named Caitlin The books starts with her older sister, Cassandra, running away which leaves Caitlin s family situation in chaos, and also leaves Caitlin to fill her perfect sister s place She joins the cheerleading squad and starts to date a jock the whole prep girl routine But that abruptly ends when she meets a bad boy named Rogerson.
This book was amazingly written just like Sarah Dessen s other book that I ve read This Lullaby.
But it s so different Dreamland is an intense, quick read It s one of those books that you just have to read Of course, I don t think this is one of those books that you necessarily have to re read Definitely not.
It s a horrific story one of those that you See you in dreamlandYour might find it really hard to believe that I just rated a Sarah Dessen book 2 out of 5 stars But I didn t really enjoy this book, it was something that I wasn t expecting I thought this was a book that was fluffy and filled with happiness BUT It isn t fluffy and it isn t filled with happiness It made me feel uncomfortable and it made me feel so depressed I mean, it was a good book, but this book wasn t meant for me It dealt with violence and abuse and I had a difficult time reading it I ll explain why in this review and if you aren t comfortable with violence or abuse, I recommend that you do not read this bookIf there s one thing I ve learned in the last few months, it s that sometimes you just have to close your eyes and jumpCaitlin s sister Cass ran away from home Ever since Cass left, Caitlin s felt lost and at the same ti TW physical and emotional abuse Definitely feel like my heart was ripped out of my chest Definitely was not prepared I knew it was going to be darker, but WOWZA Very well written and so heartbreaking I don t know how else to review it or to add on to that Just Brace yourself, and don t be afraid to give yourself a break and eat some pizza and watch something funny uplifting while you re reading this one It s an important one, though Definitely I m glad that there are authors out there who aren t afraid to touch on the really dark stuff In away, it s like them saying, You are not alone You can get help It will take time, but you will heal.
There Is An Alternate Cover Edition For This ISBN HereWake Up, CaitlinEver Since She Started Going Out With Rogerson Biscoe, Caitlin Seems To Have Fallen Into A Semiconscious Dreamland Where Nothing Is Quite Real Rogerson Is Different From Anyone Caitlin Has Ever Known He S Magnetic He S Compelling He S Dangerous Being With Him Makes Caitlin Forget About Everything Else Her Missing Sister, Her Withdrawn Mother, Her Lackluster Life But What Happens When Being With Rogerson Becomes A Larger Problem Than Being Without Him I d been wanting to read something by Sarah Dessen for awhile She s one of those prominent YA authors, and I ve heard good things about her booksalthough not so much as to tell me what they were about So while I was at the library the other day, I picked up one of her titles at random and read the back description of the hot guy I decided, sure, why not So Dreamland came home with me.
It starts out with a gripper on Caitlin s 16th birthday, her sister Cassandra, 2 years older, runs away to be with her boyfriend who is a bouncer security guy on some crazy talk show akin to Jerry Springer Jenny Jones This is totally out of character for Cass, who has always been the model student, person, daughter And everyone is lost without her Caitlin is sort of drifting the whole time into one thing or another She ends up being a cheerleader and describes the experience as something that just ha Like Caitlin, my emotions are all out of whack If I m not careful, I may even resort to sucking my thumb, screaming at random times and intervals, rolling around on the grass, flopping on my bed, or sticking my feet up in the air and playing dead It s really hard to say what I might do, and if I tried to pin it down, my response would be filled with conjecture, and I prefer to deal in facts.
The fact is I hated this novel Hated it with a passion, because it discussed abuse, and I prefer to look at the world through rose colored glasses and deal in unicorns and rainbows and Popsicle sticks and ice cream sandwiches But this is one world that is filled with a vast emptiness that extends for miles and miles.
When I go to sleep, I dream of Junior Mints and Butterfingers and Milk Duds I certainly do not wake up screaming in the nigh This review and can also be found on my blog The Humble Watermelon What makes Sarah Dessen s books so special is the fact that you feel like you can actually relate to the characters Also, the plots are almost always the same, complete with a girl, a boy, and some romance, and the main character always has some kind of emotionally damaging problem they have to deal with, but it never seems repetitive Dreamland was haunting It was disturbing Not words you usually associate with Dessen, the queen of summer romance and chick flicks But words that Dessen definitely pulled off I had to take a few breaks from Dreamland, first because I finally got ahold of Insurgent, and then because somebody lend me The Maze Runner Yet every time I came back to read this book, I didn t feel very distant from it or confused, because the plot just sucked me right in, like the last time I read the book

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