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Trailer ↠´ Digital Fortress PDF by ↠´ Dan Brown When The National Security Agency S Invincible Code Breaking Machine Encounters A Mysterious Code It Cannot Break, The Agency Calls Its Head Cryptographer, Susan Fletcher, A Brilliant And Beautiful Mathematician What She Uncovers Sends Shock Waves Through The Corridors Of Power The NSA Is Being Held Hostage Not By Guns Or Bombs, But By A Code So Ingeniously Complex That If Released It Would Cripple US IntelligenceCaught In An Accelerating Tempest Of Secrecy And Lies, Susan Fletcher Battles To Save The Agency She Believes In Betrayed On All Sides, She Finds Herself Fighting Not Only For Her Country But For Her Life, And In The End, For The Life Of The Man She Loves Back Cover Dan Brown is not just Da Vinci Code This is a pretty good cyber thriller It resonates well in a world where data security and hacking are a part of the daily news Check it out if you are a fan of fast paced thrillers with lots of suspense It has short chapters, too, which I like a lot I work in the Information Technology field so relating to this book was easy for me I don t know anything about NSA National Security Agency and how they operate but I know stuff like encryption, algorithm, anagram, computer virus, code breaking, etc So, this book glued me from start to finish My officemate has been telling me that this is his favorite Dan Brown book He said that since I ve read all his 4 other novels, The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, Deception Point all 3 stars, i.
, I liked them and The Lost Symbol 2 stars, i.
, It s okay and I am glad that I finally read this book Hurray, I am now a Dan Brown completist I liked the story NSA has a program that can track personal conversations around the world One employee gets angry so he becomes a whistleblower NSA hires a pretty detective not yet Robert Langdon since this is Dan Brown s first novel and she is so hot most Espa ol EnglishEste es el primer libro escrito por Dan Brown y, aunque es bueno, no tiene el mismo enganche que los siguientes Tampoco esta Robert Landon.
La NSA ha interceptado un c digo pero no lo pueden decifrar La nica pista esta oculta en el cad ver de Ensei Takado, fallecido en Espa a This is the first book written by Dan Brown and, although it is good, it does not have the same hook as the following ones.
Nor is Robert Landon.
The NSA has intercepted a code but can not decipher it The only clue is hidden in the body of Ensei Takado, who died in Spain.
The topic is quite interesting having an author perfectly fit the shoes of one so revered talking, of course about the late great Michael Crichton is truly magnificent, in my book This thriller is fast hooray riveting It is relevant to modern times some reviewers have gone as far as calling it plausible.
But it must be said that its an adventure less compelling than The Da Vinci Code, even contrived devoid of interesting characters but plagued with dead ends, ineffective repetitiveness, empty journeys While many characters deal with differently major or minor catastrophes, the short chapters speed by The plot, if dissected, would resemble this a career girl therefore, one lacking of a personality, other than being de My book group chose this book and I will never forgive them.
I ve never read anything by Dan Brown He doesn t write my type of fiction, so while I was aware that he s a huge success, I never bothered to pick any of his books up because I knew I wouldn t be interested.
What I didn t know is how much of a shit writer he is.
I m sure he cries into a giant pile of money every single time someone tells him that.
Digital Fortress is about the government and secrecy Susan Fletcher works for a super top secret government agency called NSA that cracks codes to read emails and save the world How do I remember that her name is Susan Fletcher Susan Fletcher is referred to as Susan Fletcher on every page that Susan Fletcher appears on Apparently Brown is worried that people won t remember that Susan Fletcher is one of the main character is his .
Digital Fortress, Dan BrownDigital Fortress is a techno thriller novel written by American author Dan Brown and published in 1998 by St Martin s Press The book explores the theme of government surveillance of electronically stored information on the private lives of citizens, and the possible civil liberties and ethical implications of using such technology 2009 1385 528 9789647533935 1386 20 1385 447 9645704804 There s a reason why everyone talks about The DaVinci Code and not about this book I have no idea what that reason would be, because I thought Angels Demons was mediocre so I never bothered to read the The DaVinci Code Anyway, I was bored and a copy of this was sitting at the library for a quarter and I thought WTF, mate, I ll give it a go The first page of chapter 1 starts with Susan Fletcher waking from a romantic dream to the ringing of the telephone Susan, it s David Did I wake you She smiled, rolling over in bed I was just dreaming of you Come over and play He laughed It s still dark out Mmm She moaned sensuously Then definitely come over and play We can sleep in before we head north That is not a transcription typo, or the manifestation of my unfocused rage It really does readMmm She moaned sensuouslyPlease feel free to

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Trailer ↠´ Digital Fortress PDF by ↠´ Dan Brown Dan Brown is the author of numerous 1 bestselling novels, including The Da Vinci Code, which has become one of the best selling novels of all time as well as the subject of intellectual debate among readers and scholars Brown s novels are published in 52 languages around the world with 200 million copies in print.In 2005, Brown was named one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World by TIM