Trailer ☆ Dead at Daybreak PDF by · Deon Meyer

Trailer ☆ Dead at Daybreak PDF by · Deon Meyer Nice storyline, a few good characters and an unpredictable plot.
Lost one star for every time I rolled my eyes whenever a female character got mentionedsadly that s getting very, very predictable my third book from this south African author The characters are well set, the explanation for the murder are to be found in the past I enjoyed reading this novel but the end is a bit disappointing you have the feeling the author was willing to be done with it and took a shortcut.

Unusual but very good Police procedural by a Cape Town author recommended by a Goodreads.
com librarian For the first 3 4 of the book I had rated it at 4.
154 , but the last 50 pages or so seemed like a rater frantic effort to close the intricate web of characters and circumstances he had wrought This volume had been written in 2000 , so I suspect he has refined his close in later books.
I intend to read by this author and would recommend him to anyone who likes this genre.
This is really a 2.
5 er, nothing really started happening til last 25% of book, and I just found myself not caring if any of the main characters Zet or Hope or Joan lived or not The Nagel Nonnie story line should have been brought forward Not really worth reading I d prefer another Mat book I think though this one and his first Mat book are pretty much same story different names More like 3.
5 starsBoth storylines were gripping, but for my liking the one about van Heeren s past was told too long and therefore interrupted the current storyline way too much.
About a former police officer turned rowdy drunk who is hired to investigate the murder of a reclusive businessman Lots of violence, lots of swearing, and a very unlikeable protagonist It just wasn t one I wanted to stick with.
Some interesting conversations about the nature of evil and about gender relations in amongst the intense action of this thriller Meyer writes so well and turns a clear and baleful eye on the dark side of humanity He also shares an authentic perspective on male sexuality and the attractions that can fly back and forth between men and women As the blurb on the back says this is a testosterone infused thriller That this is one perspectiveon the darker side of life is mostly clearly articulated in this passage most of the decisions we make, if not all, are to feed the ego The choice of a car, clothes, a suburb, friends, favourite drinks all are aimed at creating a specific image for the world, to announce so that the world s perception can become a mirror to reflect ourselves and make us love the reflection.
For me, this perspective about ego and narcissism is true I can t deny the voice in Most excellentThis was a vacation read I will have to look up the author, can t believe I have not come across him before.
So, this story is multi layered The characters have depth and are well written They are relatable, very interesting, smart, and vulnerable The story is also complex, crosses over generations, socio economic and cultural classes It s a good mystery You can think you have an idea of what is happening, but it is just out of your grasp And at the end of is all explained without being didactic It s very well put together This is an intelligent and readable book It s not gory or looking for shock value The combination of writing skills is easy to take for granted and very difficult to do Good job.
When Johannes Jacobus Smit, An Antiques Dealer, Is Found Burned With A Blowtorch And Killed Execution Style With A Single Shot To The Back Of The Head, Former Cop Zatopek Zed Van Heerden Is Called In To Investigate The Unusual Circumstances Of The Murder Zed Is Still Obsessed With The Betrayals Of His Own Past But Must Fill In The Blanks Of This Victim S Life Who Tortured And Killed Smit, And Who Was Smit In The First Place Not The Man Whose Papers He Carries, That Much Is Certain Zed Can Never Be Sure Of The Loyalties Of The People With Whom He Is Dealing His Own Past Reputation Ensures That And He Soon Finds Himself Uncovering Secrets That The Security Services Of Many Countries Would Like Left Alone Up to his usual standard The first half was fantastic 5 star with amazing back stories and real empathy for these characters and I was engrossed The second half wasn t quite so good and became formulaic and lost its sensitivity to some degree so this part 4 star So 4.
5 stars overall The main character Zatopek is one of Meyer s best characters ever and his personal story alone made it all worthwhile.

Deon Meyer

Trailer ☆ Dead at Daybreak PDF by · Deon Meyer Deon Meyer was born in the South African town of Paarl in the winelands of the Western Cape in 1958, and grew up in Klerksdorp, in the gold mining region of Northwest Province.After military duty and studying at the Potchefstroom University, he joined Die Volksblad, a daily newspaper in Bloemfontein as a reporter Since then, he has worked as press liaison, advertising copywriter, creative