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[P.C. Cast] å Chosen: A House of Night Novel [google PDF] Read Online ✓ Zoey is probably the sluttiest heroine out there ee God.
I HATED this bookthan I think I ever hated any other book in my life Zoey is an annoying slut The Twins are dumb bitches Don t get me started with the love interests Zoey thinks that anybody who has even a small dose of sexual desire is a hoe bag, but yet throughout the series she had seven boyfriends I kid you not Talk about hypocritical, bitch I strongly disliked Erik, Heath, and Loren But Erik won me over at the scene when he called Zoey a stupid slut and a filthy hypocrite, among a bunch of other things At this point in the book, I m rooting for Erik to dumb her sorry ass and find someone who might actually treat him right The one good thing about this shit was Aphrodite I loved her sarcastic bitchy self, but unfort Dark Forces Are At Work At The House Of Night And Zoey Redbird S Adventures At The School Take A Mysterious Turn Her Best Friend, Stevie Rae, Is Undead And Struggling To Maintain A Grip On Her Humanity Zoey Finds Herself In The Very Unexpected And Rare Situation Of Having Three Boyfriends Mix A Little Bloodlust Into The Equation And The Situation Has The Potential To Spell Social Disaster Just When It Seems Things Couldn T Get Any Tougher, Vampyres Start Turning Up Dead Really Dead It Looks Like The People Of Faith Are Tired Of Living Side By Side With Vampyres But, As Zoey And Her Friends So Often Find Out, How Things Appear Rarely Affects The Truth Ugh, I don t even know why I m bothering with this I really wanted to slap a one star on it which I don t do unless I ve actually finished the book but, yanno what I m gonna do it anyway.
Apart from being a very poorly written account of the life of the single worst female protagonist I have ever, ever read about, this booked is rampant with stereotypes, derogatory terms, slut shaming and the weirdest paragraph ever written about a gay character Usually he isn t so overtly gay Not that the fabulous Damien Maslin isn t actually gay He totally is But he s also a tall, brown haired, big eyed cutie who looks like he d be excellent boyfriend material which he is if you re a boy He s not a fluttery acting gay kid, but get the boy talking about shopping and he definitely shows some girlis Mini ReviewI really hate giving bad reviews but this book truly disgusted me I am really disappointed in P.
C and Kristin Cast I mean honestly, do they think that all teenagers act like this because if they do, they need a reality check Love triangles are overused but I can admit, that some writers can really do it well This love square thing Zoey had going on was ridiculous I mean, come on When I read about the teacher suddenly popping up in the picture, I was so grossed out I mean, usually, older guys are sexy and they really get me going but this guy just grossed me out Plus, I had no idea why Zoey would even be looking at another man when she HAD a boyfriend What happened to being faithful What happened to loyalty Don t read on unless you Have read the Book or You Will Not Be ContinuingFinally, the one moment tha CHOSEN was a long drawn out account of Zoey Redbird dealing with in her own words her ho ish existence All we read about is Zoey s hormones getting pulled every which way with a Human imprinted partner, Heath who she intends breaking up with but instead has a hot n heavy make out session with b Erik, her handsome fledgling boyfriend who she wants to come clean with about her roaming eye but instead ends up having hot n heavy make out sessions with c Loren Blake, temporary teacher who she wants to break up with but as he apparently makes her feel like a woman , she inevitably ends upyepyou got ithaving hot n heavy make out sessions with So in the midst of all this mind numbing drama, Zoey is also trying to fin This series just keeps getting better and better The Casts are fearless about adding new dimensions to their beloved characters I admire the creativity of their world it s extremely well thought out and cohesive while blazing new paths in the vampiric realm I really can t praise this series enough.

This book has the worst grammar of any published novel I have ever read Whoever edited this should be ashamed Besides that, the authors do write a story that is fairly interesting Authors are pretty good, but the editors can t possibly speak English.
Down points of the novel are that every guy is described as being exactly the same They re all perfectly gorgeous without a flaw or even different personalities The homosexual characters are flat stereotypes And, having a young adult book in which a teenage character makes out with a teacher is just plain wrong The incident is described as being exciting and not bad at all Huh Why encourage pedophilia The story didn t need this twist as the lead character is I had a crazy idea last night I decided that I would go to the library and read Hush, Hush, House of Night, Fallen, Ever and its sequels, and Shiver After hearing several bad reviews for each of these books, I avoided them But curiousity got the better of me and I couldn t very well complain about how much the standards for YA novels have fallen without reading some of the alleged best sellers My plan was foiled and the only book they had available was the third book in the House of Night series, Chosen Maybe I should be grateful If the quality of those other books are anything like Chosen, I fear for my sanity I have not read the first two books in the House of Night series, but I could gather what was going on Zoey s best friend Stevie Ray is undead or something and she tried to kill The first two books in this series were pretty good Definitely not phenomenal, but a good guilty pleasure series, like cotton candy in the world of literature But Chosen was just too much It starts off a month after Betrayed left off Zooey is juggling three boyfriends, trying to keep the fact that Stevie Rae is a monster a secret, and struggling with the fact that her former mentor, Neferet, is an evil vampyre creating an undead army.
First off, the thing that bothered me most about the book was the racism P.
C and Kristin Cast are always writing about characters skin color, but ONLY WHEN THEY RE BLACK If a character is black the authors always mention it in great detail, but if the character is white or anything else, they leave discussions of their ethnicity alone The most offensive and racist part of the book was when Zooey was innappropriately grinding one of her boyfriend

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[P.C. Cast] å Chosen: A House of Night Novel [google PDF] Read Online ✓ sustanon.pro PC was born in the Midwest, and grew up being shuttled back and forth between Illinois and Oklahoma, which is where she fell in love with Quarter Horses and mythology at about the same time After high school, she joined the United States Air Force and began public speaking and writing After her tour in the USAF, she taught high school for 15 years before retiring to write full time PC is a 1