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 Bungo Stray Dogs, Vol. 1 (light novel) ✓ Download by ✓ Kafka Asagiri originally, I had read the manga online and LOVED it Once I saw the anime, I knew I had to buy a physical copy of the manga.
Although a bit slow in the beginning, this series is both an absolute joy and anticipating action thriller The plot can be occasionally predictable, like in many of the side mysteries, but what really makes this series amazing is the characters There s only a few characters I dislike, and even then I don t mind them at all The main character, Nakajima Atsushi, is emotionally relatable and an amazing hero to see grow and develop Another character, Osamu Dazai, becomes a BRILLIANT character later on, especially in the Guild Arc The first couple of volumes first season of the anime don t entirely focus on one specific plot, so the story is slow and aimless Doppo Kunikida Is An Idealist And A Strait Laced Detective At The Armed Detective Agency, An Organization That Takes On Dangerous Jobs That Even The Police Won T Handle Everything In His Life Is Progressing As Planned Until One Day He S Ordered To Watch Over The New Guy, Osamu Dazai, A Suspicious Fellow Of Unknown Origin Who Is Obsessed With The Thought Of Suicide While Investigating An Unusual Case Involving A So Called Haunted Building, They Find Several Of The Missing People From Another Investigation However, Before They Can Find Out How These Cases Connect, They Are Attacked By The Mafia S Ryunosuke Akutagawa, Sworn Enemy Of The Agency This Is The Beginning Of A Hopelessly Inseparable Relationship Between Two Detectives A Battle Of Abilities Erupts In The Shadows Of Yokohama I devoured the anime on Crunchyroll where it s licensed and needed , so I bought the manga I did try to read it online uh, free while waiting for the volume to arrive, and since it s been licensed, there s very limited options Those fan translations are not great I would classify them as decent or passable rather than good especially in comparison to the subbing on the anime, and the official English translation which you get here, in this volume.
I mention that because another reviewer commented on the English translation in this volume and compared it unfavorably to fan translations I respectfully disagree The English translation in this volume is quite smooth, and still conveys the charm of the characters personalities and I purchased this book on a whim after it appeared in my recommendations and oh boy, am I glad that I did It is the interesting, highly amusing tale of a young man who was kicked out of his orphanage and, after a unusual chance meeting, joins the ranks of a truly eccentric detective agency, as the book describes it The main character Atsushi is a timid, extremely likable young man and the members of the Armed Detective Agency have some of the most wonderfully quirky personalities that I have ever encountered Dazai and Kunikida in particular had me laughing uproariously for much of the volume The characters are also named after famous, Japanese authors and have personalities and abilities that are based on both the authors themselves and their works which is a brilliant idea I can t wait to see what happens next I absolutely love Japanese literature and Bungou Stray Dogs I d say I m pretty well versed in the real life authors and how the series reflects their lives and works Yen Press has done a pretty slipshod job with how they write the characters and make the English flow Somehow they managed to make the Japanese authors sound British None of it sounds natural Plus they didn t use any of the terminology fans of the anime are used to for example abilities is skills, which doesn t make sense because you aren t born with skills the way ability users are born with their abilities you can t learn how to turn into a tiger I am definitely not impressed with this, which sucks because I want to buy it to support the original creators Guess I ll just b

Sie ist gl cklich damit, seit neuestem sind es eben Mangas, die gelesen werden, aber was solls, hauptsache es wird gelesen.
While I love the series itself, there s a great story to tell and it s an excellent choice for lovers of Seinen mystery manga, Yen Press did not impress me with their translation It sounds unnatural and reads like a half translated piece This isn t the quality I ve come to expect from YP, so it strikes me as odd.
5 stars for bungo stray dogs2 for Yen Press translation.

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