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Ö Read ô Brothers in Arms by Lois McMaster Bujold ☆ 4 A buddy read with Evgeny and Maria because we need some FORWARD MOMENTUM Gosh, what can I say about this Universe where Miles Vorkosigan rains supreme IT IS AWESOME Yes, yes, as I said in my review of the previous book, I passed from the level of an objective reader to the zone of fan girl subjectivity I am a fan So, take my review in the spirit in which it is intended, which is just to gush over my love for the genius of Louis McMaster Bujold and her unfailing ability to write a story full of action and intrigues, but most of all a story full of heart and charm oozing of the pages.
It has gotten to the point where if I had to choose a literary world I would like to spend time in order to feel good and emerge with some positivity from, this is the world I would choose any time And I am not sure what makes me feel this way, be so how tall is Tyrion the Imp anyway I think Miles Vorkosigan is well under 5 foot both characters are brilliant, idiosyncratic, lovelorn, and really full of themselves I always thought that Tyrion was a complete original but there s a lot of Miles in him and Miles came first, right I suppose it doesn t matter who came first, what matters to me is that these are two of my favorite creations in all of genre fiction well I ve always had a fondness for short guys with big brains Miles actually calls himself a genius again, second time I ve seen this oh, Miles Bujold you are awesome for making sure your wonderful creation has his own flaws that are completely separate from his physical flaws, that crooked spine, those brittle bones, those little legs, poor adorable Miles well at least he finally gets laid Bujold you are also awesome for spinning another f

So, the juicy gossip is Miles finally gets laid I won t confirm or deny you ll have to read it and find out for yourself PAnother engaging mis adventure with Miles, that starts seemingly simple and grows complex enough to require his brilliant mind to solve it Maybe less humorous than the previous book as trouble hits too close to home, but still a fun read.
Well, as always, it was entertaining and fun and I barely have somethingto say about it that others haven t said before I m looking and pointing at you, Evgeny The lazy beast has taken over me again DP.
S Worst Cover Gallery is here though Hmmm, this is probably the most boring edition of Gallery.
So I settled down to read the first book in an omnibus with warm fuzzy feelings, and was not disappointed I d read a book further in the series, so I knew about Mark, but, of course, not the details about where he had come from Knowingor less how it came out did not spoil the book for me in fact, it made itinteresting How do we get from here to there That s often farinteresting than what twists are coming up next.
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In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook As per usual, Miles Vorkosigan creates a stir wherever he goes After figuratively hitting a wasp nest with a stick and annoying the Cetagandians, he hares off to old Earth to get his crew healthy and his ships fixed Of course, things go horribly awry and lots of intrigue adventure follows Somehow, for me, even though there are lots of action sequences, these books areabout the relationships He has to balance his two identities as Lord Vorkosigan and Admiral Naismith, each with their own responsibilities He has his cousin Ivan to consider, as Ivan is also stationed on Earth Plus Miles makes friendships alliances wherever he goes and they complicate an already intricate life Finally there s the question of whether he will ever get a personal life and find someone to love him as Miles, regardless of which identity Buddy read with Choko and Evgeny.
If I have to be completely honest this should have a 3 star rating However I gave it a bonus star because it introduces one of my favourite support characters in the series Duv Galeni Following the events of Dagoola and another operation soon after it the Dendarii are in a desperate need of some down time and to repair the damaged equipment As a result they end up on Earth the cradle of human civilization And because this is Miles a simple repair job and retrieval of the needed funds turns into a nightmare Miles is a magnet for disasters D Only he can stumble on a plot to destabilise the Barrayaran Empire totally by accident Because he wasn t even supposed to go to Earth I feel bad for all of Miles superiors I think that they start weeping the moment they see that they are su I loved this story front to back It s going to be hard to top this one it feels like peak Miles Politics Double crosses Attempted assassinations Romance Kidnapping Clones Spreadsheets A cat blanket Yeah, that last one is pretty creepy, a furry blanket that purrs But the characters seem to like it, and it s hardly the weirdest thing in this universe We also get to meet Miles clone, later dubbed Mark, and I m hoping we seeof him The story possibilities are endless.
This was just a vastly entertaining adventure with nary a dull moment.
If His Enemies Would Just Leave Him Alone, Miles Vorkosigan Alias Admiral Naismith Decided Bitterly, The Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet Would Collapse All On Its Own But His Enemies Were Plotting A Deadly Fall For Some Unexplained Reason The Dendarii Payroll Is Missing And The Orders From The Barrayaran Imperial Command Are Being Delayed By Miles S Superior, Captain Galeni What Connects The Impeccable Insufferable Captain Galeni And The Komarran Rebel Expatriates On Earth Anyway But The Most Deadly Question Of All Before Miles Is Personal Are Miles S Two Identities, Admiral Naismith Of The Dendarii And Lieutenant Lord Vorkosigan Of Barrayar, Splitting Apart Along The Lines Of His Divided Loyalties And Who Is Trying To Assassinate Which Version Of Him When Miles Unravels The Answers, Then The Complications Really Begin At this point in the Vorkosigan chronology Miles has been living his double life as Admiral Naismith for several years and his Dendarii mercenaries are a thriving concern The action picks up with the Dendarii arriving at Earth and Miles having to make his double identity work in ways that he hasn t in the past There are people trying to kill him, and it may not just be his usual crowd of enemies, and nor is it clear who they re trying to kill Vorkosigan or Naismith.
This is a fairly run of the mill off Barrayar Vorkosigan story that would be familiar to anyone whose read The Vor Game or Cetaganda It does introduce some very important characters and relationships for later in the series though, particularly including Mark and Duv Galeni as well as establishing Elli Quinn a bit better.

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