☆ Belonging: A German Reckons with History and Home Ì Download by ☆ Nora Krug

☆ Belonging: A German Reckons with History and Home Ì Download by ☆ Nora Krug I am almost overwhelmed at the depth and intensity of this graphic memoir My husband is a second generation German American, his father was born in Germany shortly before the end of WWII and his mother is of Jewish heritage As a child, my husband wasn t taught German and learned very little of his father s family, never heard stories of the homeland Reading this book felt like peeking behind an unspoken curtain into some inkling of my father in law s thoughts I was absolutely captivated both for Krug and myself I will share this digital advanced copy with my husband and hope to build the courage to share a copy with my father in law after publication.
Winner Of The National Book Critics Circle Award Silver Medal Society Of Illustrators Named A Best Book Of The Year By The New York Times, The Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, NPR ,Comics Beat, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,Kirkus Reviews, And Library Journal Thisingenious Reckoning With The Past The New York Times , By Award Winning Artist Nora Krug Investigates The Hidden Truths Of Her Familys Wartime History In Nazi GermanyNora Krug Was Born Decades After The Fall Of The Nazi Regime, But The Second World War Cast A Long Shadow Over Her Childhood And Youth In The City Of Karlsruhe, Germany Yet She Knew Little About Her Own Familys Involvement Though All Four Grandparents Lived Through The War, They Never Spoke Of It After Twelve Years In The US, Krug Realizes That Living Abroad Has Only Intensified Her Need To Ask The Questions She Didnt Dare To As A Child Returning To Germany, She Visits Archives, Conducts Research, And Interviews Family Members, Uncovering In The Process The Stories Of Her Maternal Grandfather, A Driving Teacher In Karlsruhe During The War, And Her Fathers Brother Franz Karl, Who Died As A Teenage SS Soldier In This Extraordinary Quest, Krug Erases The Boundaries Between Comics, Scrapbooking, And Collage As She Endeavors To Make Sense Of Th Century History, The Holocaust, Her German Heritage, And Her Family S Place In It All The Boston Globe A Highly Inventive, Thoughtful, Engrossing Minneapolis Star Tribune Graphic Memoir, Belonging Packs The Power Of Alison Bechdels Fun Home And David Smalls Stitches NPR A most remarkable book Truly a book for our time Belonging is a scrapbook of beautiful illustrations Nora Krug created to share her personal search for heimat, a German term describing a place that offers the immediate sense of familiarity Heimat often refers to the actual landscape where one was born It shapes a person s identity, character, mentality It feels like home Belonging Heimat.
It s an especially complicated concept for Krug because she traces her family history back through the holocaust She fears her own history even as she s irresistibly drawn to it, seeking out relatives and documents and artifacts with stories to tell Or to obscure Or deny Her own grandfather Willi A Nazi Secret resister A coward Something else Is it desirable, or even possible, to find prid Patriotism is a difficult thing in Germany I would say that until the World Cup in 2016, if you flew a German flag outside your house in Germany, people would look at you strange, because patriotism often looks like nationalism, which is why I was drawn to Nora Krug s Belonging Being German, when I first moved to America, I remember being proud of my German heritage, and so I remember being really confused why my mother discouraged me from telling people that I was German I learned later the hard way why I should have listened to my mother.
Being German, comes with baggage, as Krug establishes early on discussing how, when she travels, mentioning where she comes from immediately prompts people to bring up Hitler or when she describes the guilt she and her fellow students felt about their heritage when they first toured a concentration camp Bel

Just wanted to point out for people looking for a novel, this is of an illustrated book Some of the writing is hard to read because of the designs on the page Having spent some time in Germany, I am fascinated by the German culture and the sorrow and guilt the younger generations feel and were taught in school I was hoping for a readable and flowing examination of this part of German culture I like these kinds of illustrated books and think this is an interesting one, just not what I expected especially since it was advertised in The New Yorker.
Can something that looks like a scrapbook or child s diary be deeply poetic and deeply troubling Absolutely Krug s simple words resonate with the text, delivering one gut punch after another Each surface description of quotidian interactions with her family or little things she did to uncover their wartime history opens into an abyss A could be nostalgic image of a German brand of band aid turns into a poetic exploration of cultural scars, the pain of ripping the band aid off reverberating with the entire depth of the exploration that comprises the remainder of the book Snippets of documents and photographs, wallpaper, drawings, cartoon panels meld in unexpected ways, opening vistas into history and emotional entanglements.
A lot of the finest modern German authors have described the feeling that the present is like a thin veneer over a terrible past, that any

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