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[ Read Online Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life à astronomy PDF ] by Barbara Kingsolver ¾ This book was one of my big disappointments so far this year, because I went in thinking I d really like it and wound up so unimpressed that I think I actually hated it The premise of the book is an interesting one, so interesting that I called my mother on the way back from the bookstore to tell her all about this new book I just picked up that I thought she d really like Barbara Kingsolver and her family have decided, for various environmental, political, and health reasons, to eat locally for a year and try and raise as much of their own produce and meat as they deemed feasible.
Kingsolver is a good writer and I ve enjoyed Animal Dreams and The Bean Trees, so I assumed I would enjoy her adecdotes about her family s efforts to grow their own food supply What I ended up with was an essayist trying relentlessly Dear Barbara Kingsolver,I m very sorry, but I m abandoning my attempt to read your book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, which chronicles the year your family spent living on your farm in Virginia attempting to eat only local, sustainable food.
I adore your novels And I loved Fast Food Nation and The Omnivore s Dilemma They even made me stop eating fast food, buy organic when I can, and give up most meat.
I wanted to love your book I settled in as you scolded me for eating produce that is flown from halfway around the world You re right I know It makes no sense And then you said if I could only taste fresh vegetables, straight from the vine, I couldn t stand my bland Stop Shop tomato It s true It doesn t taste that good Tell me It s all very interesting Then four chapters later, you were still scolding me.
Barbara, I would love to harvest wild asparagus in the early morni Barbara Kingsolver has long been one of my favorite writers, but this most recent book was a bit of a mixed bag for me The book covers the year she and her family spent eating only food they had either grown themselves or purchased from local farmers personally known to them Kingsolver s skill as a storyteller is undiminished, and there are some wonderful sections as she relates their adventures plotting how to foist some of their bumper zucchini harvest off on unsuspecting neighbors and how they helped their new turkey crop re learn the lost art of natural copulation The book also succeeded in teaching me quite a bit I didn t know about food and gardening As someone who was raised on heavily processed foods, I was fascinated to learn the biological secrets of root vegetables, how a mild mannered novelist harvests Wellnormally I am a Kingsolver fan I like the way she writes simple and straight forward Her stories, both long an short are well done But this book just really pissed me off It s a non fiction account of her back to the land movement with her family The book starts off well and good She describes their reasoning for leaving Tuscon and moving to a farm they inherited She talks about the trials and tribulations of trying to live off of what they can either produce themselves through farming or buy locally Each family member is only allowed one luxury item This consists of foodstuffs that can t be produced at home or bought locally It s a bit over the top if you ask me but I suppose an interesting addition to their overall movement Kingsolver makes a lot of good points about eating what s in season and offers some handy recipes However, about mid way t This books is not AT ALL in my normal wheelhouse, and I m still scratching my head as to why I suddenly felt impelled to order it on and read it It s non fiction, which, nothing against non fiction, but again, not a genre I normally go out and buy I might read non fiction if it s a gift, or library book freebie, or it s our book club monthly read, but otherwise, not very likely.
Also it s a whole book about the author s family s year long culinary adventure of eating exclusively natural and organic foods, and , eating ONLY locally grown or raised foods, eschewing the imported, the canned and preserved unless done by the family itself or some local business , anything shipped long distance all those fossil fuels Which, yay for that, but do I really want to read a whole book about that But someone I think in the aforementioned I can forgive the obvious shortcommings of this book for three significant reasons First, I believe wholeheartedly that by purchasing as much locally grown made food as possible we can solve our fossil fuel dependency Secondly, by the luck of the draw I can afford to purchase food from the weekly farmer s market And finally, our household is committed to making around 95% of our meals from scratch, which started as a response to our collective allergies nondairy, meat eaters but like the Kingsolver tribe, once our taste buds were reawakened by the flavor of our delicious made by scratch food, there was no turning back I agree with most of what she says and respect her reminder that I need to buy as much food as possible from local farmers, and I am going to try a few of her recipes I do, on occasion, enjoy a frozen Snickers bar.
In general I endured this book and it certain Bestselling Author Barbara Kingsolver Returns With Her First Nonfiction Narrative That Will Open Your Eyes In A Hundred New Ways To An Old Truth You Are What You Eat As The US Population Made An Unprecedented Mad Dash For The Sun Belt, One Carload Of Us Paddled Against The Tide, Heading For The Promised Land Where Water Falls From The Sky And Green Stuff Grows All Around We Were About To Begin The Adventure Of Realigning Our Lives With Our Food Chain Naturally, Our First Stop Was To Buy Junk Food And Fossil Fuel Hang On For The Ride With Characteristic Poetry And Pluck, Barbara Kingsolver And Her Family Sweep Readers Along On Their Journey Away From The Industrial Food Pipeline To A Rural Life In Which They Vow To Buy Only Food Raised In Their Own Neighborhood, Grow It Themselves, Or Learn To Live Without It Their Good Hud Search Yields Surprising Discoveries About Turkey Sex Life And Overly Zealous Zucchini Plants, En Route To A Food Culture That S Better For The Neighborhood And Also Better On The Table Part Memoir, Part Journalistic Investigation, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle Makes A Passionate Case For Putting The Kitchen Back At The Center Of Family Life And Diversified Farms At The Center Of The American Diet This Is The Story Of A Year In Which We Made Every Attempt To Feed Ourselves Animals And Vegetables Whose Provenance We Really Knew And Of How Our Family Was Changed By Our First Year Of Deliberately Eating Food Produced From The Same Place Where We Worked, Went To School, Loved Our Neighbors, Drank The Water, And Breathed The Air You have to read this book Not just because it conveys an important message about the sustainability and environmental impact of our foodways Not just because its Year in Provence style charm makes Appalachia sound as alluring as the French or Italian countryside no euros required But mostly because this is beautiful, tightly strung writing about food and what it means to nourish ourselves If you ve read a certain amount of writing on food you know, sweet and delicious though it may be, that it can get cloying A quick flip through Barbara s chapter on turkey butchering will cure you.
In case you ve had your head in the sand or don t live in the Bay Area or somewhere like it, here s the book s basic premise Novelist Barbara Kingsolver and her professor husband pack up their two daughters and move from the New Mexican desert to a small farm in Virginia, where it rains and thing This book gave me desires Deep dark desires forgardening And making my own cheese And doing things from scratch And doing them now.
The thing is, these are all things I have aspirations to do anyway, but my way is rather slower than the way Barbara Kingsolver and her family approached trying to eat locally for a year I m trying to make small, long term changes, one at a time, hopefully in a way that I ll stick to it But it was fun to read about someone else s experiment, in mostly non preachy tones, and, you know, quite a lot about turkey birth, sex, and death Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the recent changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.
In the meantime I had a hard time putting this down once I d started and once I d finished I wanted to give up NYC life and move to the country to be an organic farmer I m hardly joking.
Anyone who eats and especially those who eat without thinking about where their food comes from should read this book Not only is it informative and a bit scary though she doesn t present anything terribly new or earth shattering to those of us who have read things like Fast Food Nation or Portrait of a Burger as a Young Calf , but it s inspiring all at the same time Sure, she has the luxury of owning a farm in Appalachia and having the work schedule of an author i.
e completely flexible , but many of the things she s doing on her farm are things that urban folks

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[ Read Online Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life à astronomy PDF ] by Barbara Kingsolver ¾ sustanon.pro Barbara Kingsolver is an American novelist, essayist, and poet She was raised in rural Kentucky and lived briefly in Africa in her early childhood Kingsolver earned degrees in Biology at DePauw University and the University of Arizona and worked as a freelance writer before she began writing novels Her most famous works include The Poisonwood Bible, the tale of a missionary family in the Congo,