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Ò American Pastoral » Download by ì Philip Roth American Pastoral by Philip Roth is a 1997 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt publication This book doesn t need much of an analysis from me, especially since so many have voiced such eloquent and poignant reviews of one of the best novels ever written , and have broken it down and analyzed it in great qualified detail However, I did have a few random thoughts about the book The book is not upbeat, not once, not ever It s moody, sad, and weighted down with the heaviness of yearning, regret, and disillusionment What the hell is wrong with doing things right The novel simmers with anger, directed in any number of ways, for any number of reasons, at any number of situations and people, but is also a well of deeply rooted retrospection, and even fervor The novel moves slowly, an A quick perusal of myin by about Americashelf will reveal a wide variety of titles ranging from popular fiction by the likes of Stephen King to the brand of post modernist razzmatazz by the wonderfully perplexing Pynchon Yet none of those books seem as American to me as American Pastoral is Forget all the Great American Novels which swoop down on some of the Great American Issues this term is my invention yes like the Great Depression, racism, slavery, brutal and merciless killing of the Native Americans in the US Mexican borderlands Forget the illustrious names like To kill a mockingbird, The Grapes of Wrath, Beloved, The Great Gatsby, Blood Meridian and the other works which constitute the edifice of classic American literature Even though every one of them focus either on watershed events in American history or relevant socio cultural is LA VITA SOLO UN BREVE PERIODO DI TEMPO NEL QUALE SIAMO VIVIEcco un Grande Romanzo Americano Moderno e classico, come si conviene ai grandi, un affresco formidabile.
Il libro che contiene tutto, e che contiene il Tutto.
Pieno zeppo di temi argomenti cose e spunti di riflessione e discussione da straripare Cos pieno e fecondo che io ho preso la mia strada sicuro di ritrovare alla fine quella maestra.
Quella che riconduce al Grande Romanzo Americano, al Sogno Americano, al sogno del figlio di emigrati, per giunta ebrei, di essere parte del collettivo Sogno Americano, sogno di successo ma in mezzo scorre la Vita, e quindi facilmente una Tragedia, quasi sicuramente in Famiglia e la storia personale si riflette nella Storia generale, quella del paese America, nello specifico con la guerra del Vietnam gloria e poi f Third reading The book starts off as an homage to a man the narrator, Nathan Zuckerman, looked up to as a child because of his athletic achievements in local sports Seymour Levov, the Swede It also presents itself in the early going as an homage to the so called greatest generation But this opening is deceptive For the closer we come to the Swede and his family the we see his tragic flaws of character Perhaps his most pervasive flaw is to be a nonthinker, a man for the most part without a deep intellectual life, or any intellectual life, who functioned by the many rules and prohibitions set forth by his elders which ill prepared him for a socially volatile future.
The Swede is a Jew but a viking in appearance Blonde, fair skinned, about as far away from the Der St rm 1998 Pulitzer Prize Time Magazines 100 best novelsI read my fair share of books and most of those are classics , so usually, as a whole, they are highly rated, highly regarded books But even with that, occasionally a book comes along that raises it s head above the rest This is one of those books for me It s difficult to explain this book to others, even difficult to completely understand myself, because it doesn t flow in a straight line like most books, non linear I think they call it But I can say this, it makes an impression, it s impactful, thought provoking, and yes, even depressing Roth, like a fine surgeon, lays open the heart and soul of an American family, and it is writing and story telling at it s best.
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I didn t finish it I realized that life is probably too short, and certainly I read too slowly, to spend another minute with Philip Roth He s Jewish, did you know JEWISH Also, he is a man Men have penises, did you know PENISES that are very important and special self starting things, and when they don t work it is an AMERICAN TRAGEDY, and when they do, well they just do stuff and we observe all of that with some very pretty sentences that almost distract a person from how we re basically not talking about much Also women are there sometimes but they are too complicated to figure out Meanwhile, back at the penis P.
S Having children is complicated, too Girl children especially The end.
Everybody who flashed the signs of intelligence he took to be intelligent And so he had failed to see into his daughter, failed to see into his wife, failed to see into his one and only mistress probably had never even begun to see into himself What washe, stripped of all the signs he flashed People were standing up everywhere shouting, This is me This is me Every time you looked at them they stood up and told you who they were, and the truth of it was that they had no idea of who or what they were than he had They believed their flashing signs too They ought to be standing up and shouting, This isn t me This isn t me They would if they had any decency Then you might know how to proceed through the flashing bullshit of this world This excerpt pretty much sums up the book on surface for me This is the story of Swede, an .
It is getting exceedingly rare to find books that are well written and yet hard hitting and surprising at nearly every turn Usually, you get just one like the nearly unreadable Infinite Jest that I can still not get through or the other like The Outfit or, say, Game of Thrones So, when my movie producer friend mentioned that his employer Lakeshore Entertainment would be releasing a film version of Roth s American Pastoral, I picked the book up my first by Roth and I was blown away It is no wonder that the book stole the 1997 Pulitzer and was a runner up on the NYT list of best books of the last 25 years from 2006 Side note on that list, I agree with the choice of Beloved by Toni Morrison as well as Blood Meridian by Cormac M Pulitzer Prize Winner In American Pastoral, Philip Roth Gives Us A Novel Of Unqualified Greatness That Is An Elegy For All The Twentieth Century S Promises Of Prosperity, Civic Order, And Domestic Bliss Roth S Protagonist Is Seymour Swede Levov A Legendary High School Athlete, A Devoted Family Man, A Hard Worker, The Prosperous Inheritor Of His Father S Newark Glove Factory Comes Of Age In Thriving, Triumphant Post War America And Then One Day In , Swede S Beautiful American Luck Deserts HimFor Swede S Adored Daughter, Merry, Has Grown From A Loving, Quick Witted Girl Into A Sullen, Fanatical Teenager A Teenager Capable Of An Outlandishly Savage Act Of Political Terrorism And Overnight Swede Is Wrenched Out Of The Longed For American Pastoral And Into The Indigenous American Berserk Compulsively Readable, Propelled By Sorrow, Rage, And A Deep Compassion For Its Characters, This Is Roth S Masterpiece

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Ò American Pastoral » Download by ì Philip Roth Philip Milton Roth was an American novelist He gained early literary fame with the 1959 collection Goodbye, Columbus winner of 1960 s National Book Award , cemented it with his 1969 bestseller Portnoy s Complaint, and has continued to write critically acclaimed works, many of which feature his fictional alter ego, Nathan Zuckerman The Zuckerman novels began with The Ghost Writer in 1979, and in