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Trailer ó A Carrion Death PDF by ó Michael Stanley Detective David Kubu Bengu of the Botswana Criminal Investigation Department is on the case when Kalahari game rangers discover a body being devoured by hyenas There is enough of the corpse left to discover that the individual did not die of natural causes Kubu s investigation leads him to the family of an old school friend, Angus Hofmeyr Angus s family owns the Botswana Cattle and Mining Company BCMC It has been run for years by Angus s uncle, Cecil Hofmeyr, but will be turned over to Angus on his 30th birthday As Kubu continues to investigate, hinky details concerning the BCMC start to surface, as well as dead bodies.
A Carrion Death is nothing short of brilliant My summary of the plot oversimplifies the complexity of this first novel by authors Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip Kubu is the Setswanan word for hippopotamus, and that nick Actually 2.
5 stars for the characters of Kubu and his boss Mabaku, and for the Botswana local color I hope they get better treatment in the next book.
BUT this book is at least 150 pages too long The plot starts out decently and then doesn t so much unravel as pick up and loose ends till it is a hopeless snarl The writing is clunky in parts and uneven perhaps because there are two authors, or just because they need better editing.
The one gratuitous sex scene reads as though the writer perhaps has seen the activities described in a Super 8 soft porn movie, maybe but has never actually experienced anything like them.
Smashed Skull, Snapped Ribs, And A Cloying Smell Of Carrion Leave The Body For The Hyenas To Devour No Body, No CaseBut When Kalahari Game Rangers Stumble On A Human Corpse Midmeal, It Turns Out The Murder Wasn T Perfect After All Enough Evidence Is Left To Suggest Foul Play Detective David Kubu Bengu Of The Botswana Criminal Investigation Department Is Assigned To The CaseThe Detective S Personality And Physique Match His Moniker The Nickname Kubu Is Setswana For Hippopotamus A Seemingly Docile Creature, But One Of The Deadliest On The Continent Beneath Kubu S Pleasant Surface Lies The Same Unwavering Resolve That Makes The Hippopotamus So Deceptively Dangerous Both Will Trample Everything In Their Path To Reach An ObjectiveFrom The Sun Baked Riverbeds Of The Kalahari To The Highest Offices Of An International Conglomerate, Kubu Follows A Blood Soaked Trail In Search Of AnswersBeneath A Mountain Of Lies And Superstitions, He Uncovers A Chain Of Crimes Leading To The Most Powerful Figures In The Country Influential Enemies Who Will Kill Anyone In Their WayA Memorable Detective Makes His Debut In This Gritty, Mesmerizing Thriller Set Amid The Beauty And Darkness Of Contemporary Africa, A Carrion Death Is The First Entry In An Evocative New Series Cutting To The Heart Of Today S Botswana A Modern Democracy Threatened By Unstable Neighbors, Poachers, And Diamond Smugglers Those Trying To Expose The Corrupt Ringleaders Will Find Themselves Fighting For Their Lives I read elsewhere that the author is really the joint venture of two different people, and this explained my sense of distinctness of two separate plot lines, one related to westerners and their obsession with diamonds and money, the other a much African viewpoint Nevertheless, the book works well and was a very enjoyable listen, well read.
Detective Kubu Swahili dialect for hippopotamus, his nickname is a sort of fat Columbo He s extremely likable, the assistant superintendent of police in Gaborone, sings opera in his car, loves his wife the scenes where he and Joy visit his relatives is very entertaining in its apparently authentic formalistic dialogue between father and son, and is very wily and smart Kubu hippopotamus is a very likeable detective Even though I didn t enjoy this mystery as much as I have others I ve read from foreign locations this year, I think Kubu is a promising character.
This was the first book written by Michael Stanley Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip , and it was a great first book While I could detect the different writing styles of Sears and Trollip, it didn t really ruin the reading experience for me.
The jumps in time got a bit confusing, because at no point the authors attempt to explain a timeline So by the end, when vital information is discovered about the body discovered at the beginning of the story, it caught me with my pants down Not literally thankfully But I was really shocked, not because I didn t expect it, but because I somehow missed something in the timeline and it would have been impossible for that perso We read the third book of this series, Death of the Mantis, liked it, and then read the second A Deadly Trade But the library did not have the first book, so we ordered it from a bookshop and I have now finished reading it It is every bit as good as the other two, and in some ways better These are detective stories whodunit police procedurals with a local southern African flavour, set in Botswana, and are interesting on that account alone, since we have been at or near many of the locations mentioned in the stories A word of warning, however Many readers of The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency and others of that series , also set in Botswana, should be aware that these are police procedurals This is not about a private eye looking for stray dogs and errant husbands, but cops looking for killers Being local also adds authenticity to the plot, and A Carrion Death seems almost prop Well, I m giving this book 2 stars because it s really pretty good for what it isbut I m not really a fan of mysteries I have come across a few in the past that drew me in but on the whole I just don t find myself really a mystery reader.
What we get here is the story of a local detective again with a gift It s placed in a good, interesting location It is I will say for those of you who like mysteries a good to great read.
The detective, David Kubu Bengu is well written and a pretty complete person After game rangers find a body in the process of being eaten he s drawn in and follows the trail from bush to city.
So, why do I give it only 2 stars Because I never really got involved and was glad to get it over However I say good things because I see a book others will I think enjoy if they enjoy this type and or style of story.
All I can say is try it for yourself I don t plan t I liked the setting and the detective, but the book was way too long, there was a cringe causing and irrelevant sex scene and the plot was convoluted I may give the author another try, but I m not sure.

A wonderful debut mystery set in Botswana It s not super gritty It s like if Donna Leon set a book in Botswana the home of Alexander McCall Smith s Precious Ramotswe.
This book has a rather involved plot, part conspiracy, part murder mystery The main detective Kubu is a wonderful creation He likes cricket, wine, and opera He is also a very canny detective If I have one complaint, it is the ending and denouement I felt there was something missing A loose end Maybe if I talked to Mr Stanley he d explain it better.
5 stars.

Michael Stanley

Trailer ó A Carrion Death PDF by ó Michael Stanley Michael Stanley is the writing partnership of Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip Michael lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, and Stanley in Minneapolis.We have travelled extensively in southern africa and have a special love of Botswana, where our detective novels are set.Detective Kubu investigates complex murders in his native land, justifying his nickname by his size and tenacity Kubu is Sets