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[Maureen Johnson] ↠´ 13 Little Blue Envelopes [lesbotronic PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ I listened to this book as an audio book during my drive to New Orleans which made me dislike the book even I didn t enjoy the reader s voice I enjoyed the book in the beginning but soon felt like the story was dragging and every country visited after Paris was unnecessary I also didn t really like any character in this book, they had no depth and weren t interesting or likable The concept of this book was so intriguing but I was disappointed.
I read this book as an assignment from a mother daughter book club that I am in with some friends from B.
F Day.
It wasn t very good, and while the plot is a nice idea, the author didn t really write it very well.
I mean, who would let thier daughter go overseas with no contact to the US and only carrying what she could fit in her backpack And only haveing 1000 US dollars to spend In addition to several other appalling facts, some of which are letting your daughter do the following 1 stay with a adult male to whom she is not related to, and you have no clue who he is other than she is your unreliable completely out of controll sister s friend2 travel around unsupervised all over Europe following a pack of envelopes3 go on a wild goose chase, the letters written by your sister who as I mentioned before is unreliable, and completely out of controllOh, and by the way, did I mention that your Inside Little Blue Envelope Are , And Instructions To Buy A Plane TicketIn Envelope Are Directions To A Specific London FlatThe Note In Envelope Tells Ginny Find A Starving ArtistBecause Of Envelope , Ginny And A Playwright Thief Bloke About Town Called Keith Go To Scotland Together, With Somewhat Disastrous Though Utterly Romantic Results But Will She Ever See Him Again Everything About Ginny Will Change This Summer, And It S All Because Of The Little Blue EnvelopesAges I am not going to review this book except to say the thing that made me crazy There were several instances in this book where something was mentioned and you think it is important and then it was dropped.
For instance, when the MC goes in the Louvre, it is mentioned that she checks her backpack in at the front kind of like a coat check Okay No problem.
But then, as she is trying to get out of the Louvre she kind of starts going down random hall after hall in search of an exit and finally finds one and leaves Later, we see that she is on the street and has her back pack.
Excuse me How when did she retrieve it This drove me to distraction Why was it even mentioned that she checked it in If you mention a small detail like this, it should be important later Do not leave me hanging It would ve been differnt if we never saw her leave the Lou This was supposed to be my cute, inoffensive, fluffy, sweet, palate cleanser book So much for best laid plans and all that To start with the book has an utterly implausible set up, improbable love story, MC that is borderline stupid and by borderline I mean 100% stupid I was trying to be nice but well It was laden with clich s and conveniences and was all rather blandBut I mean it was okay I was expecting all of the aforementioned story set ups And it was very fluffy and overall fabulously undemanding of my already drained energy reserves I was happily distracted, plodding along to a 2 star rating Until I wasn t at all happy any Until I got very angry.
Until this book stole my good vibes and drained what little energy I had left And here s why Some backstory Lead character Ginny has been given 13 envelopes each containing directions from her dead aunt about what to do over the Oh, book I had such hopes for you.
Here s the thing I love travel stories I love coming of age stories So what s not to love about a coming of age story that involves lots and lots of traveling It s a hard question to answer, and the fastest way to answer it is Aunt Peg is one seriously bitter person.
She lives without having constants Fair enough She does all sorts of menial, petty jobs while waiting for her career as an artist to hit off Alright with me Then she packs up and leaves for Europe without contacting her family again The next news they get from her is that she is dead.
Then comes a letter instructing her niece to go to Europe without money, cell phone or any other means of communication just a passport and a backpack, and instructions to do all sorts of weird things Ginny the niece is probab If you ve ever been to Europe, thought about going to Europe, wanted to go about Europe or even heard of Europeyou ll love this book It s a quick, fun summer read Very clever and warm hearted I love the characters, the plot and just everything about it It always keeps you guessing One of my favourites Maureen never lets me down.

I liked the premise It was sort of interesting and cute Dead Aunt sends niece on this unpredictable and slightly loony journey maybe not so cute One very similar to the one that her aunt took when she felt a little lost and was dealing with a bit of a reality check 17 year old Ginny doesn t think twice about it She jets to her first destination, London From there on it s one big ride She goes through many experiences, and although it s a decent read, I just was not in love with the book I mean, I finished it fairly quickly It never lagged, and I might even say that it was slightly engrossing But it didn t feel all that memorable The love interest A bit of a jerk, not to mention a major bore I could not for the life of me figure out what she saw in the guy 2.
5 This was a quick read but at the same time I felt like it dragged, nothing had any real depth so I just was questioning what the point of the story was and why these characters existed.
Unimpressive The way Johnson writes is annoying than halfway into the book, I really didn t know ANYTHING about the main character, other than that she was on a ridiculous journey It was all action and no thought It was not insightful The main character was not likeable She wasn t unlikeable either She was just likedoing things She didn t have very many thoughts And never very insightful ones ie I like this boy I am sad I am happy I am angry COME ON There was no attempt made to make her a human, a believable character Also the end was frustrating but kind of oddly moving a little at the same time But overall, I was not in any way impressed.

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[Maureen Johnson] ↠´ 13 Little Blue Envelopes [lesbotronic PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ sustanon.pro Maureen knew from an early age she wanted to be a writer She went to high school at an all girls Catholic school and graduated from University of Delaware with a degree in writing She now lives and writes in New York City.Many of the adventures Maureen s characters face in her books are based on real life stories Maureen has traveled all over Europe, and is a Secret Sister to vlog