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Organic Immuno – innovative development of the Company “Unifarm, Inc.”. Russia’s first vitamin and mineral complex, 95% consists of environmentally friendly ORGANIC ingredients. Thanks to optimally matched combination of plants, combined with vitamins and minerals, this complex has a pronounced effect on the immune system, it helps to optimize the vitamin and mineral balance, increase the protective properties of the body and adapting to modern environmental conditions.

Trading names of drugs: test sustanon; Organic Immuno

PACKAGING : film-coated tablets.

test sustanon; Organic Immuno – phytoactivity natural complex of new generation. It contains vitamins, minerals and herbal ingredients of organic origin to strengthen the immune system and the prevention of viral colds, increase the body’s resistance against adverse environmental factors, as well as to fill adult requirements for vitamins and minerals.

DESCRIPTION Tablets oval, biconvex, film-coated by greenish-brown to dark green with light and dark patches. Presence of a specific smell.

Properties of the drug:

test sustanon; Organic Immuno – optimally matched range of essential vitamins and minerals combined with active natural phytochemicals organic origin with a broad spectrum of activity.

The combination of 11 essential vitamins and 4 minerals in an optimal dosage promotes:

  • improve the functional state of the body and maintain good health;
  • strengthening the immune system and stimulate the immune defense of the body;
  • increase the body’s resistance to stress and adverse effects of environmental factors exerting an adaptogenic effect;
  • enhance physical and mental performance.

A mixture of natural phytocomponents organic origin (seed barley leaves powder, alfalfa grass powder, oat grass seed powder, wheat powder grains, soy fiber) improves digestion, stimulates the bowels, thereby contributing to the best absorption of vitamins and minerals. It has a tonic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Biologically active substances contained in the Organic test sustanon; Immuno, have directed action on the body:

  • American ginseng (saponin glycosides, ginsenosides, eleuterozidy, peptides, essential oils, styrene, vitamins and minerals), known for its ability to restore the energy balance of the body without causing overstimulation and providing softer tonic effect than Chinese or Korean ginseng. American ginseng has a strong immunomodulatory effect, increasing the body’s resistance to adverse environmental factors, providing revitalizing and strengthening effect on the immune system.
  • Lycopene – the most powerful plant antioxidant, has an easy digestibility. Scientific research has revealed many positive manifestations of its high antioxidant activity, including in the field of immunology. Lycopene strengthens the immune system, stimulates the natural protective properties.
  • Alfalfa – one of the chlorophyll-rich plants, a source of calcium, manganese, forsfora, chlorine, sodium, potassium, silicon, and vitamin B6. This unique plant has a bracing effect in a variety of diseases, including effective in the treatment of treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract, as well as to enhance immunity and resistance to infection.

Organic mixture contained in the Organic test sustanon; Immuno, went a step by step program of international quality assurance and certification marked the OREGON Tilth the ORGANIC CERTIFIED (OTCO) – one of the most respected and prestigious US certificate confirming the organic origin of the components. This certificate confirms that:

  • all components exclusively of vegetable origin;
  • Plants grown on plantations cleaner without using synthetic ingredients, growth hormones, antibiotics, and genetic engineering.

SAFETY: test sustanon; Organic Immuno not toxic, non-carcinogenic effects. Active components contained in BAA dosages that do not exceed the tolerable upper level of the daily intake of vitamins and minerals.


  • and prevention of respiratory infections and viral;
  • prevention of hypovitaminosis and mineral deficiency;
  • in the recovery period after illness;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome.

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE: adult 1-2 tablets per day during meals. Duration – 1 month.

Contraindications: idiosyncrasy of the product components, pregnant and lactating women, high blood pressure, cardiac dysrhythmia. Before applying are encouraged to consult with your doctor.


30 coated tablets in a bottle made of polyethylene with a polyethylene screw cap and a safety valve foil. On the bottle glued label, bottle and tighten the plastic film together with instructions for use placed in a cardboard box. buying anabolic steroids test e 250 where to buy anabolic steroids

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The main indication for use is the naturopathic treatment of patients with metastatic tumors, past medical treatment. Given that the activation occurs when receiving natural killer (NK-cells) capable of destroying cancer cells in a ratio of 1: 1, it is important to pre-reduce tumor burden by means of surgery, chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy.

Can significantly reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, while the application, improving the quality of life of patients (reduction of nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, hair loss prevention, increased appetite, mood, health, normalization of sleep). The most effective in treating leukemia and multiple myeloma, and lymphomas, prostate cancer, breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Used as a means to maintain the general health and helps strengthen the immune system by increasing the activity of leukocytes.

The positive effect is also seen in the destruction of liver enzymes due to hepatitis B (NK-cells destroy the cells infected with hepatitis B virus), or under the influence of certain toxic substances (antioxidant effect), in chronic fatigue after viral infections (with the possible elimination of infected EBV and CMV cells) and HIV nfektsii.


When recurrent viral infections with intracellular viral persistence

such as Herpes simples, Herpes zoster, EBV can try to hold 2-month course of the reception, if treatment with other drugs does not give the desired results.

In allergic reactions inhibits degranulation of mast cells, reducing the symptoms of allergy.

Oobladaet ability to increase glucose tolerance, a positive effect on the course of diabetes, although it is not a substitute for insulin.



The recommended daily intake should be 30-45 mg / kg / day (2.3 g daily), maximum efficiency at lower activity of natural killer cells (NK-cells) is usually achieved after 1-2 months, after which the dose can be reduced to maintenance 15 mg / kg / day (1 g daily).

recommended dose of not less than 500 mg daily for general health maintenance.

In diabetes, as well as hepatitis B and C and other infections it is recommended to take

1000 mg per day, and in cancer and AIDS – 3 g per day for two months, followed by transfer to 1 g per day.


Biobran always be taken after a meal 30 minutes after eating, large daily dose should be divided into three portions and taken after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The powder should be dissolved in 100 ml of water or juice, the tablets should be taken with water.



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sustanon cycle

Application sustanon cycle Bioaron C causes stimulation of the immune system due to the substances contained in the extract from the leaves of aloe tree. The drug has a stimulating influence on both humoral and cellular immunity, causes an increase in the number of lymphocytes B and T, and the number of antibodies circulating in the blood, which leads to an increase in the body’s resistance to bacterial and viral infections.
In addition, sustanon cycle Bioaron C improves appetite, contains vitamin C and juice chokeberry Aronia, who also is a source of vitamins and minerals.

Indications for use :

In the treatment and prevention of relapse in children older than 3 years with recurrent viral and bacterial infections of the upper respiratory tract, such as chronic pharyngitis and tonsillitis, recurrent rhinitis, laryngitis, laryngotracheitis, sinusitis and sore throat.

Contraindications :

Hypersensitivity to the drug, acute inflammatory diseases of the digestive system, children under 3 years (due to the lack of clinical data).
It is not recommended to use the drug to people with malabsorption of glucose or galactose, fructose intolerance or deficit sucrose-isomaltase.

Dosage and administration :

The drug is used inside for 30-40 minutes before meals. If the doctor is not otherwise directed, the drug should be taken:
children aged 3 to 6 years – 2 times daily 5 ml (1 measuring spoon) of the drug,
over 6 years – 3 times a day for 5 ml (1 measuring spoon) of the drug .
The course of treatment – 2 weeks. Increase the duration and repeat courses of treatment possible on doctor’s advice.

Side effects :

Allergic reactions, in rare cases – diarrhea and nausea.

Overdose :

So far, cases of overdose have not been described.

Interaction with other drugs :

The product contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C), so:


  • its combined use with sulfonamides can lead to precipitation of crystals in the urine sulfonamides;
  • preparation can enhance iron absorption in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • may increase the effects of laxatives;
  • may increase the rate of excretion of amphetamine and tricyclic antidepressants.

Special instructions :

A single dose (5 mL) contains about 3.3 g of sucrose, which corresponds to 0.33 XE, which should be considered for patients with diabetes mellitus. The preparation contains 4.5% ethanol; in a single dose (ml) contained 0.29 g of ethanol. The drug can distort the results of the various laboratory tests (glucose content in the blood of bilirubin, transaminases, LDH).

Product form :

sustanon cycle. At 150 g of orange glass vials, sealed with plastic screw caps. Each bottle with the scoop and the instructions for use is placed in a cardboard box.

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Pharmacological properties. Defined members of the complex of sustanon 250 for sales and mineral preparation.

sustanon 250 for sale A is involved in the synthesis of proteins, lipids, mucopolysaccharides, is essential for normal function of the eye, increases the resistance of the skin and mucous membranes to infections.

B sustanon 250 for sales contribute to the formation of different enzymes, allowing the regulation of metabolism in the human body.

sustanon 250 for sale B1 is essential for the synthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. sustanon 250 for sale B2 is involved in the process of biological oxidation and energy metabolism. sustanon 250 for sale B5 is involved in metabolic processes, the synthesis of phospholipids, steroid hormones and other active substances ensures the development and differentiation of tissues. sustanon 250 for sale B6 is involved in carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism. sustanon 250 for sale B12 is involved in the synthesis of nucleic acids, influencing the processes of hematopoiesis.

sustanon 250 for sale C is involved in the oxidation of biologically active substances regulate metabolism in the connective tissue, carbohydrate metabolism, reduces vascular permeability, involved in the regeneration of bone and cartilage; It stimulates the production of steroid hormones, enhances iron absorption in the intestine.

sustanon 250 for sale E is a natural antioxidant; It maintains the stability of cell membranes, protecting them from damage.

sustanon 250 for sale PP participates in redox processes.

sustanon 250 for sale P reduces the permeability of capillary blood vessels.

Folic acid stimulates erythropoiesis, is involved in the synthesis of amino acids and nucleic acids.

Lipoic acid is involved in redox processes in the body, has a lipid-lowering and antioxidant action, detoxifying effect with intoxication.

The iron part of hemoglobin, a number of enzymes.

Calcium – a basic element of bone is necessary for muscle contraction (including infarction), blood coagulation and nerve impulse transmission.

Cobalt promotes hematopoiesis processes, part of the sustanon 250 for sale B i2.

Magnesium Deficiency of magnesium is accompanied by a decrease in the immune forces of the body, arrhythmias and myocardial excitability.

Manganese promotes the formation and mineralization of bone tissue.

Copper is needed for normal iron metabolism; promotes oxygen transport to the tissues.

Zinc is a part of many enzyme systems, provides the synthesis of insulin and other hormones, necessary for tissue regeneration.

Phosphorus is involved in the formation of bone and teeth, in the formation of energy-rich compounds required for energy transfer.

Pharmacological action.
Bio-Max is a balanced sustanon 250 for sale-mineral complex containing 12 vital sustanon 250 for sales and 8 minerals and trace elements. Precisely selected combination of active ingredients of the complex is designed in accordance with the peculiarities of Russian way of life, food, climate. The complex is needed to maintain the body’s energy reserves; metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids and proteins; synthesis of collagen and connective tissue neurotransmitters.

Complex strengthens the body’s defenses and promotes normal functioning of the human nervous system, increases resistance to stress, ensures the development and differentiation of tissues, helps heal wounds, improve skin, hair, bone, teeth, gums, blood vessels. The complex has an antioxidant effect.

Prevention and treatment of hyposustanon 250 for saleosis and mineral deficiency in the background:

  • long-term physical and mental stress;
  • reduce the body’s defenses from illness, injury, surgery, after taking antibiotics;
  • malnutrition (including unbalanced diets aimed at weight loss);
  • spring and winter nutritional sustanon 250 for sale deficiency;
  • gastrointestinal diseases leading to malabsorption of sustanon 250 for sales and minerals (chronic gastritis, chronic enteritis, chronic colitis);

and during the period:

  • intensive growth in adolescence;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

Hypersensitivity to any component of the drug. Children under 12 years old.

Dosage and administration.
Bio-Max is taken orally, after meals.

In order to strengthen the body’s defenses after an illness, during the period of increased physical and mental stress, trauma, surgical procedures, after receiving antibacterial drugs for the prevention of nutritional sustanon 250 for sale and mineral deficiency in adults and children over 12 years should receive one tablet per day every day for 3 -4 months. During pregnancy it is recommended to take no more than one pill per day. For the treatment of hyposustanon 250 for saleosis recommended dose is 1 tablet 2 times a day for 4 weeks. Repeated course is 3-5 months.

Side effects.
Allergic reactions to one or more components of the complex. Subject to the instructions for dosage, even with chronic administration of the drug side effects are not observed.

Special instructions.
Possible urine yellowing that is completely harmless and is due to the presence in the preparation of riboflavin (sustanon 250 for sale B2). When taken in recommended doses, use of the drug during pregnancy is safe for the fetus. Do not take simultaneously with the preparation of Bio-Max other sustanon 250 for sales and minerals.

Form release
coated tablets. 10 tablets in blisters of PVC film and aluminum foil printed patent. At 3, 6 contour cell package together with instructions for use placed in a cardboard box. steroiden kaufen

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sustanon 250 cycle

Pharmacodynamics sustanon 250 cycle – represents allylamine, which has broad spectrum of activity against fungi which cause diseases of the skin, hair and nails, including dermatophytes such as Trichophyton (eg T.rubrum, T.mentagrophytes, T.tonsurans, T.verrucosum , T.violaceum), Microsporum (eg, .M. Canis), Epidermophyton floccosum , fungi and yeast genus Candida (e.g., Candida albicans) and Pityrosporum. At low concentrations of sustanon 250 cycle has fungicidal activity against dermatophytes, molds and certain dimorphic fungi. Activity against yeast fungi, depending on their type, may be a fungicidal or fungistatic.
sustanon 250 cycle specifically inhibits early step in the biosynthesis of sterols fungal cell. This leads to a deficiency of ergosterol and intracellular accumulation of squalene, which causes death of fungal cells. sustanon 250 cycle action effected by inhibition of the enzyme squalene epoxidase in the cell membrane of the fungus. This enzyme does not belong to the cytochrome P450 system. sustanon 250 cycle has no influence on the metabolism of hormones or other drugs.
When assigning Binafina inside the skin, hair and nails are drug concentration providing fungicidal activity.

After receiving a single oral dose of sustanon 250 cycle 250 mg maximum plasma concentration of the drug achieved in 2 h and was 0.97 g / ml. Poluabsorbtsii period is 0.8 hours; and poluraspredeleniya period – 4.6 hours. Not required correction doses when taken with food. sustanon 250 cycle largely bound to plasma proteins (99%), rapidly penetrates into the dermal layer of the skin, and concentrates in the lipophilic stratum corneum. sustanon 250 cycle is also penetrates the sebum, which results in a high concentration in the hair follicles, the hair and the skin rich in sebaceous glands. We also show that sustanon 250 cycle penetrates the nail plate in the first few weeks after beginning therapy.

sustanon 250 cycle is metabolised rapidly and substantially, with the participation of at least seven isoenzymes of cytochrome P450, with the main role is played isoenzymes CYP2C9, CYP1A2, CYP3A4, CYP2C8 and CYP2C19. The resulting biotransformation sustanon 250 cycle metabolites formed without having antifungal activity and can be output primarily with urine. Terminal half-life of the drug 17 hours. Any evidence of drug accumulation in the body is not there. There were no changes Binafina equilibrium plasma concentration, depending on age, but in patients with impaired renal or hepatic function may be slowed rate of excretion of the drug, resulting in higher concentrations of sustanon 250 cycle in plasma. In pharmacokinetic studies, single dose Binafina in patients with concomitant diseases of the liver was shown the possibility of reducing the clearance of the drug by 50%.

Indications for use
onychomycosis caused by fungi dermatophytes;
mycoses capitis,
fungal infections of the skin – treatment of dermatomycoses torso, legs, feet, and yeast infections of the skin caused by fungi of the genus Candida (e.g., Candida albicans) – in cases where localization, the severity or incidence of infection determine the feasibility of oral therapy.
Note: Unlike Binafina topical Binafin pills are not effective in pityriasis versicolor.

: Hypersensitivity to sustanon 250 cycle or any other component, which is a part Binafina.

If during treatment Binafinom patient observed phenomena, suggesting liver dysfunction, such as unexplained persistent nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, fatigue, jaundice, pain in the right upper quadrant, dark urine or discolored feces, in this case, you should confirm the hepatic origin these symptoms (determination of serum concentrations of ALT, ACT) and cancel the treatment Binafinom. Patients should be warned of the need to consult a doctor in case of he-like symptoms.
As prospective clinical study on a course of Binafina in patients with underlying chronic or active liver disease has not carried out his assignment to this category of patients is not recommended.
Patients with impaired function renal (creatinine clearance less than 50 mL / min or serum creatinine 300 umol / l) should receive half the normal dose.
In in vitro studies, it was found that sustanon 250 cycle inhibits metabolism mediated by the enzyme cytochrome 2D6 (CYP2D6). It is therefore necessary to carry out continuous monitoring of patients receiving simultaneously with Binafinom treatment with drugs predominantly metabolized with the participation of the enzyme, such as tricyclic antidepressants, beta-blockers, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and inhibitors of monoamine oxidase type B, in case the drug is used at the same time It has a small range of therapeutic concentrations.

Effects on ability to drive and use machines
The data on the effect of Binafina on ability to drive and work with no mechanisms.

Use during pregnancy and lactation
As clinical experience with Binafina in pregnant women is very limited, the drug should not be used during pregnancy unless the potential therapeutic effect does not exceed the potential risks of therapy.sustanon 250 cycle is excreted in breast milk, therefore women receiving Binafin inside, should not breastfeed.

The interaction with other drugs
Studies conducted in vitro in healthy volunteers show that sustanon 250 cycle has little capacity to inhibit or enhance the clearance of most drugs that are metabolized by the participation of cytochrome P450 (eg, cyclosporine, terfenadine, tolbutamide, triazolam or oral contraceptives ).
The in vitro studies, however it was found that sustanon 250 cycle inhibits CYP2D6-mediated metabolism. These obtained in in vitro experiments, the data may be clinically important for those drugs that preferentially metabolized by this enzyme, such as tricyclic antidepressants, beta-blockers, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, and inhibitors of monoamine oxidase type B – in the event that used simultaneously formulation has a small range of therapeutic concentrations. In patients simultaneously taking oral contraceptives Binafin and, in some cases marked irregularity of the menstrual cycle, although the incidence of these disorders remains within the values were observed in patients who use only oral contraceptives. On the other hand, the overall clearance of sustanon 250 cycle may be accelerated by drugs which accelerate metabolism (such as rafampitsin) can be slowed down and drugs that inhibit cytochrome P450 (such as cimetidine). In cases where it is necessary the simultaneous use of these drugs may require doses Binafina adequate correction.

Dosage and administration:
The duration of treatment depends on the indication and the severity of the disease.

Data on the use of the drug in children under 2 years old (body weight which is usually less than 12 kg) – are absent.
The preparation is administered once daily.
Single dose depends on the body weight and is for children weighing less than 20 kg – 62.5 mg (1/4 250 mg tablet or half a tablet of 125 mg); from 20 kg to 40 kg -125 mg (1 tablet of 125 mg, or 1.2 mg tablet, 250); 40 kg -250 mg (1 tablet of 250 mg).

Adults usually prescribed Binafin 1 table. (250 mg) once daily.

Skin infections
Recommended duration of treatment:
Tinea pedis (interdigital, plantar or by type of socks): 2-6 weeks;
Ringworm of the body, legs – 2-4 weeks;
. Skin candidiasis – 2-4 weeks
The complete disappearance of the manifestations of infection and related complaints it can only come a few weeks after mycological cure.

Infections hair and scalp
Recommended duration of treatment:
Mycosis of the scalp: 4 weeks
fungal infections of the scalp mostly seen in children.

duration of effective treatment for most patients Binafinom from 2 to 6 weeks. In onychomycosis brushes in most cases enough to 6 weeks of treatment. In onychomycosis stop in most cases enough to 12 weeks of treatment. Some patients who have a decreased rate of nail growth, may require longer treatment. The optimal clinical effect is seen some months after mycological cure and cessation of therapy.This is determined by the period of time that is required for regrowth of healthy nail.

Use in the elderly
There is no evidence to suggest that elderly patients require a dosage adjustment or change that they have observed side effects that differ from those of younger patients. In the case of use in this age group of the drug in tablets should consider the possibility of concomitant abnormal liver or renal function.

Use in children
In children older than 2 years Binafina tolerability of oral good.

Side effects
Binafin generally well tolerated. Side effects usually are mild or moderate and transient in nature are. In most cases (with a frequency of 1 to 10%) had symptoms of gastro-intestinal tract (feeling of fullness, loss of appetite, dyspepsia, nausea, mild abdominal pain, diarrhea), not heavy skin reactions (rash, urticaria), muscular -skeletnye reactions (arthralgia, myalgia). With a frequency of 0.1 to 1% mouthfeel violations occur, including loss (recovery occurs within several weeks after cessation of treatment); Occasionally a frequency between 0.01, 1% in relation to the treatment reported Binafinom hepatobiliary disorders (primarily associated with cholestasis, including cases of liver failure). There are reports of liver failure cases, some of which resulted in death or liver transplantation, but in most cases the patients had serious comorbidities and communication of cases of liver failure using Binafina was regarded as doubtful.
There are reports of very rare (with a frequency of less than 0 , 01%) encountered serious skin reactions (Stevens-Johnson syndrome, toxic epidermal necrolysis, anaphylactoid reactions). If progressive skin rash develops, treatment should be discontinued Binafinom. There are also reports of very rare hematological disorders such as neutropenia, agranulocytosis, thrombocytopenia. There have been reports of rare cases of hair loss, although a causal link with the administration of the drug has not been established.

There have been reports of several cases Binafina overdose (dose taken was 5 g), in which the observed headache, nausea, epigastric pain and dizziness.
Recommended in case of overdose, treatment includes measures to eliminate the drug, primarily by the appointment of activated carbon , gastric lavage, and, where appropriate, use of symptomatic maintenance therapy.

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